“Hello” from Danville, California.  I am Angie Rose and I am new to Home Love Stories, but have been a follower of Melissa for about the last 6 months or so. I absolutely connect with everything she has written and posted.  In fact, it has given me confidence to trust my gut on what I love and what I want to surround my home to make me and my family happy!! I have recently done a remodel on my home and The Inspired Home has truly inspired me. My brain is bursting with so many interesting, fun things that I have learned and experienced to post.  I am a little nervous to “put myself out there”. I have thought to myself for the last year or so that I have so much valuable, credible, information that I have learned with regards to home, lifestyle, nutrition, pets, etc. in my 52 years.

My husband and I work at home doing real estate investing, we are both real estate brokers that work under our own brokerage company. We also buy distressed homes to fix up and sell.  So we are always dealing with all different aspects of homes and the real estate market. 

A big part of my life, besides, my work and family are my 3 dogs (Daisy, Bentley and Angus). I specifically remodeled our home to be pet friendly.  They are a big part of our life and bring so much joy. As I continue to post more stories, it will become apparent how much a part of my life they are.

Since it is fall I have to mention something with pumpkins!!! This pumpkin art piece was in Yountville, California (Napa Wine Country and near The French Laundry). When I was there I visited the winery Nickel and Nickel-very farmhouse rustic feel. I will have to share pictures on another story….

Happy Fall, my favorite time of year and my birthday month!!. I am looking forward to sharing lots of fun things with you all.

Hobbes the Kitty

This is Hobbes, our kitty. He loves boxes, faux fur blankies, and being brushed. We adopted him from a shelter about a year ago. We tried very hard not to fall in love with him initially because he had already been reserved by someone else, but luckily they had other animals and found that he wasn’t the best fit for their home, so we got to take him!

He is named after the tiger in the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes” so far he is our only child (human or animal) and so he gets pretty spoiled. He loves it though 

Grayson & Cooper

I did a story once before on my boys, but with #petsathome, I thought I do another quick one. This is Grayson laying in one of his favorite places. He’s the little brother at 7 yrs. old. He is scared of the littles/strangest things. We don’t know he past, we rescued him over 2 yrs ago now. He has fit right in since day one. It’s like we’ve always had him. In being with a traditional shih-tzu, his naughty side comes out every now and then. What he doesn’t know is I’ve already had one naughty shih-tzu, so he will be hard pressed to show me something new! 😉

Grayson loves the snow, ice cubes, green beans and hates the heat. He has enough fur for 3 dogs. So trips to the groomer are frequent, especially in the summer time. To watch him and Cooper become brothers warms my heart. Grayson is the follower of the two and Cooper doesn’t mind being in charge.

This is Cooper at his favorite spot on the couch. He loves the corners! Cooper is our crazy border terrier, who refused to eat green beans until he saw his little brother doing it. Now we gobble them down because we don’t want to miss out! Coop loves the sunshine, treats (any kind) and going everywhere! He has grown to hate the snow and can’t understand for the life of him why his brother eats ice cubes. It’s too funny. He’ll act like he wants one, then he’ll spit it out and give you a look like “Hey, that’s not a treat! What are you trying to pull lady?” 🙂

Cooper conveys every thought he has with his facial expressions, especially when he’s mad or cranky! I’ve never had a dog with such a personality! He makes me laugh and keeps me on my toes…that’s for sure.
Our house would not be a home without these two. It’s the first time I’ve had two dogs and I’m really enjoying them! They make me smile everyday and the greeting I get when I come home from work is priceless!

Bogey & Camelot’s House

It’s really their house. We just live there. Camelot is our 10 yr-old Lhasa Apso. He’s a typical Lhasa – proud, smart, sweet and an excellent alert dog (his bark is much louder than you’d expect for a little dog!). Bogey is the new addition to the family – a slight smaller, and younger, Shih Tzu, he is a ball of fluffy energy. They both have their issues – Cam had horrible separation anxiety and in his reign of terror, ate 8 sets of blinds, two door frames and one window sill. Bogey is cute as a button, but gets threatened easily and can bite (we’re working on it!). Favorite spots in the house are either our bed, or keeping an eye on the backyard for everything from scary neighbors to birds and squirrels. 

Bogey’s sleeping preference is in our bed, between our heads, or sharing our pillow, but both he and Camelot manage to take up as much room in our king size bed as possible. 

The Porch…Finally!

When the weather warms up, it’s time to get outside and our back porch becomes our #comfyspot. We enjoy coffee in the morning and dinner at night. We do have a TV out there to enjoy hanging out on summer evenings or fall football games! I found the cabinet that holds the TV at a thrift store, painted and frosted the glass.

Zoey thinks it’s comfy too! I hope you all are enjoying the start of summer!

Chester’s Comfy Spot

Everyone likes a #comfyspot, and our goldendoodle Chester is no exception. He wasn’t allowed on the couch for a few years, but we finally caved in and covered it with a blanket so he can climb up without scratching the leather.

Now he can keep an eye on me while I work in the kitchen, which is what he really wants—to keep track of his people. Our Scottish terrier did the same thing years ago, peering over the same arm of the couch – in a different house – but with the same mission of watching me in the kitchen. 

Our pets have always made our house feel like home. When our grown up kids come back, Chester goes crazy! It’s a fight to see if Mom will get the first hug or Chester. (Dad knows to let Mom get the first hug.)

Reluctant Friends, Part Two

As you can see, there are two cushions by the pool for two sunbathing puppies who enjoy the backyard as much as we do!  This is something they do on a regular basis — because they each have their own pillow.  😉  It took us a long time to teach Kuma what this pillow was for, and for him to realize that it was specifically for him!  This was a perfectly sunny and cool day not long ago.  We were all enjoying the Arizona desert landscape and Spring weather.  As you can see, their lives are “ruff.”  (Sorry, it had to be said.)  😉

Reluctant Friends

Every once in a while I catch these two snuggling up somewhere in the house.  Kuma is ours, and Oso is a chihuahua belonging to my in-laws.  Half the time they are ignoring one another, the other half Kuma is trying desperately to get the old Oso to play with him.  These times are rare — when they both hang out on the same frilly dog bed and enjoy each other’s company.

Meet The Boys!

Amy B. wanted to see my boys, so I thought I would introduce them! Meet Cooper (left) and Grayson (right). Since my kids have left the nest, these are my furry kids who brighten my days. 

Cooper is a Border Terrier who has been with us almost 4 yrs. now. He thinks the world is his party and everyone wants to play with him. He’s energetic, crazy and has trained his brother to bark for him. Coop prefers to whine! =)

Grayson is a Shih-Tzu who will be with us two years next week. He is very timid but has really come out of his shell since finding his forever home. He is a huge snuggler, esp. in the morning. The best way to start the day. He loves to play in the rain and snow, while his brother prefers to bask in the sunshine. Oh, yes! Gray is the one TERRIFIED of cameras! He has a sick sense about it…so frustrating!!! LOL!

Before these two came into our life, my best friend was a Shih-Tzu named Murphy. We had him for 16 1/2 yrs. My house just doesn’t seem like a home without a dog or two! They make it crazy and messy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!