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    Amy, those are lovely! I definitely love peonies, although I haven’t had a chance to grow them yet. As soon as we have a home of our own they’re going in the ground though. Truly gorgeous, and your house looks beautiful too!

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      Thank you Adrienne, we were lucky that several peonies were already here when we bought our house. We have planted a few more…I wish they lasted a bit longer!

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    Amy, can you send some peonies my way? I have only seen peonies in pictures, never had any in real life. I feel so deprived :(. I have loved all your stories here, but this is the best one I think because I can see everything in bright light and I get a feel of airiness and open space in your home. These are beautiful pictures. Love, love, love.

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    my Gosh i am so jelly! so gorgeous! we can’t grow those in Cali, let alone hardly find a shipped in bouquet! thank you for sharing. i smelled the screen 🙂

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    so beautiful! peonies are my favorite, too. my grandmother’s house had a peony border in the backyard, and that was my happy spot every spring. there can never be too many peonies!

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