Teddy Bear

Because we seem to be a pet-loving group here, I wanted to introduce our little Teddy Bear.  He is the tiniest of of Shih Tzu clan (we have three) at six months and just four pounds.  He loves chasing his brothers, cuddling with anyone and squeaking toys. He brings smiles to our faces each day!

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    Such a cute litttle animal. Hope you have fun with him. So cute! This is Hanh’s daugter,, Jade, commenting). I just adore dogs and cats and pretty much every animal there is …..except bugs.

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    Missy, I could not believe when I saw your picture of Teddy Bear!! He reminds me of my Grayson. If you could look back and see Grayson at Teddy’s age, I bet they would be twins. Grayson is 8 now, we got him when he was 6. He’s our rescue baby. I still can’t believe it. I can’t wait to show my husband your picture!! He is absolutely adorable!!! I would of love to have had Grayson when he was that little.
    You have three? How fun! Shih-Tzu’s are my absolute favorite. I had a golden one for 16 1/2 yrs and he stole my heart. I can’t imagine not having a shih-tzu in my house. I also have a border terrier, he came to me through my sister (long story there). These two truly make my house a home! <3 You have to post pictures of them all together! 🙂

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      Oh! I forgot! Do people comment that his coloring is rare? When we first got Grayson, everywhere we went people commented on how rare black shih-tzu’s were. That they had never seen one before. My vet went crazy when they say him. I just wondered if that has happened to you?

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        Yes, we often hear how rare the all-black (dark brown) coloring is. His brother is also all dark with just a bit of white on the tummy. The breeders said this was the first litter that had all-blacks. Teddy was the runt and is especially tiny…our other two guys are more average at 13 lb.

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