My favorite thing to do in any house I enter is to find the “quirk” … the thing that shows me the personality of the people who live there. Lovely, decorated rooms are a wonderful thing, but without that touch of humor or whimsy or quirkiness, it’s still just a room.

Our front room was nice. Then I found this vintage periodical table chart – in German, no less – and that was it: the quirk this room needed to find its voice. Sure, there are still details to change and curtains to hang, but I am now finally content to just let this room ride a little longer, until the other details are addressed.

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    I’m with you, Michelle. I love to view rooms that have stories to tell – stories about the “quirks” themselves and the story of the room’s owner. I find I really dislike minimalist rooms because they most often seem “soulless” to me. No problem here.

    I crave your totally non-traditional easel – so well behaved and completely aware of its purpose to allow the picture to take the stage..

    Thanks for sharing with us.

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    Cool chart! I like your idea of looking for the quirkiness. I’m drawn to vintage eye charts. I had a wine bottle with one as the label, so I peeled it off and framed it in the perfect sized black frame and it turned out real nice.

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    Michele, I love your periodical table chart in German quirk! It really makes this room pop. I love your cottage style couch and the coffee table. I love the whole room.

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    Smart decorating Michele! Eye-catching, unique, interesting and has a story! Perfect storm of accessories, eh? 🙂
    Love the way you showed off your picture! Again unexpected but great!

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    Hi Michele! Your living space is so unique and refreshing! I love Quirky! I’ll have to start being a
    little more Brave with my decorating. I LOVE everything about this room!

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    I’ll chime in, too, about how much I love your room and your chart! Those colorful pillows add the perfect amount of pop to make the room sing. <3

    I see you're from the Minneapolis area like me. Have you ever been to the Haupt Antiek Market in Apple Valley? They offer a mix of vintage just like your chart. Their occasional sale starts today through Sunday. Last month I snagged an old high school science table. It's always fun to browse and get ideas from their displays.

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