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    He is adorable! It looks like he’s saying…”Really mom, do you have to take my picture now? I’m very busy!” I do believe I see a hedgie off to the side. We have several of those in our house. Cooper has a big one and Grayson has a baby one. They continue to be one of the favorite toys of all time! 😉

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      🙂 Thank you. Yes, he loves that toy! He doesn’t fetch very well, though — usually he takes the toy and runs away so he can be with it in private, lol. I will stop by to see your stories — I hope you have pictures of your dogs! And funny — my husband’s name is Greyson! 😉

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    Sweet ! Makes a house a home. I had dogs growing up but my condo doesn’t allow dogs which is probably fair to the dogs as I think they need to be able to run and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.

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      I had dogs growing up too, Nancy — they really do make a house a home. For the longest time we didn’t have a dog but Kuma sort of adopted us and, since he is very small, he lived in an apartment with us for about six months but had 4-5 walks a day. I work from home so we are lucky that I could do this. Now he has a yard and he loves to lay by the pool and sunbathe. 🙂

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      Lol, he definitely gets away with EVERYTHING. But, you know, he is very well-behaved and VERY quiet. Yes, he is a Shiba Inu, which means he sheds a lot! But he’s our baby and we are basically obsessed with him, lol. Kuma can do no wrong!

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