The Courtyard

Life was happening when the weather was warm,and I never took the time to post some pics of my fav place….just outside our door is our Courtyard..we live in a one story townhouse….connected to others..but our entrance is thru this wonderful,space,this was our second spring and summer here,so I’m going to find even more ways to make it inviting.But sitting here with coffee in the morning or wine at night,is,a little heaven on earth…..hope you enjoy,as I try to bring a little England to my surroundings!

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  1. 1

    Hello Della
    Your courtyard is so warm and inviting…….a little magical oasis……….I love it!

  2. 2

    Thankyou….wish you could come and enjoy it !
    It’s even been decorated for Christmas this year….our home was on the neighborhood tour,so I put up greenery around the entrances and had a lighted was alotnof fun.

    • 3

      Wow…..on the home tour…. would love to come and vist…life is os strange who knows what the future holds!!

  3. 4

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