Fall’in for Farmhouse Part 2

Hi Ladies! I hope everyone is enjoying the Fall Season! I had mentioned in my last post that I have incorporated some new furniture pieces & wall decor in my Living Room. You might notice some of the changes if you have followed my postings of this room in the past. I seem to have leaned towards a little bit of a Farmhouse look to go with what I already have in this room. What do you think of it? Does it work??

I wouldn’t usually think of buying a floral pillow for Fall, but I was drawn in by the orange embroidered flowers & burnt orange trim. I think it kind of works. What do you think?

I am really happy with my living room space now, all except for this area rug that I bought after the Holidays last Winter. When I had the new flooring put in my bedroom, I had moved the 2 area rugs that were previously in this room, up into that room They were lighter in color and seemed fit in better with the color scheme. With this rug, I feel that the large pattern & color is too bold for the look I want to achieve in this room now. And it has been very difficult to find throw pillows to coordinate with, So I am on the hunt for a more neutral color rug for in front of my dark love seat. 

I do want to mention that I don’t mind this pattern for the runner as you enter my home, as you can see in the 2 photos below. So, that will be staying. ?

I actually made this “Thankful” banner below, last Fall & didn’t even get the chance to post it! So My message from this banner is that I am “Thankful” for my Family & “Thankful” for my humble little Home . . . ?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! ?

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  1. 1

    Looking good Maria! I think the pillow works. I also love lots of pillows and I am betting that a whole new crop will arrive in stores soon and they will meet your needs. I am practicing positivity can’t you tell!? 🙂

    • 2

      Thanks Nancy! Talk about Pillows . . . I actually took a little break from work yesterday and headed over to Home Goods. OMG! It was like Christmas hitting you in the face as you walked in the door! And there were Holiday Pillows EVERYWHERE! So much, that they were piled on top of each other and falling to the floor every time someone walked by. I was so overwhelmed that I took a quick stroll through the store and left. I just wanted to see if I could find a hand painted wood sign for my Kitchen. Thinking Positive is a Great way to be and I do try to look at all things and situations with an open mind when it comes to Real Life. But, I am NOT ready to think about Christmas in the way that it hit me in the store! lol! Whew! Take Care! Hugs 🙂

  2. 3

    Your pictures look magazine-perfect. I also like farm-house style decor. If one looks at the pictures carefully one can see beautiful little details in your living room. Though I am known for bright colors U really all your muted color hues. I love the sofas and your banner. You are on a decorating roll, Maria.

  3. 4

    Thank you Hanh! What a nice compliment! But I feel like am still struggling with my photography skills, especially when it comes to getting the proper lighting. I try to take my photos on sunny days but I still can’t seem to get enough light! And thank you for noticing the little details. I appreciate it! 🙂

    • 5

      Well, you know at times the camera just captures the colors differently than what your eyes see. But all in all, you sure can take pictures. Too much fixing of photos are not great either. At most light exposure is all you need to fix.. I also love the denim blue pillow with the floral print on it. Just a lovely touch.

  4. 6

    Thank you Hahn! I think I can even keep this pillow out for the Spring Season as well. But I will be switching it out for the Holidays. 🙂 And Yes, I agree that the more I try to fix the photos, the worse they look. I will keep this in mind for future photo taking! Thanks again! 🙂

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  6. 8

    Thanks Melissa! My living room is really feeling kinda Cozy right now! Especially, with the cooler weather upon us. I know your super busy with your kitchen renovation, so I really appreciate you stopping by. 🙂 I’m following your posts and am very excited to see your Kitchen Updates. My Small Kitchen Reno has been complete for a few weeks now, but I just need some time away from my work desk to refresh everything in my Kitchen & a Sunny Day for a photo shoot! I don’t know how you do it all!! lol 🙂

  7. 9

    It all looks lovely, Maria! You’ve been sooooo busy bringing all your great ideas to fruition. I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving with your family! It’ll be really cozy and comfortable in your remodeled and redecorated kitchen, dining and living areas!

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