Library/Dining Area

          I have more use for a library room/area than a dining room, but I can use the space as a dining room when necessary.  I finally bought one more tall bookshelf to stack and line three each against the walls.  I don’t believe in styling bookcases because it is really a waste of shelving space.  Bookcases are for shelving books.  There are white curtains hanging from the bookcases to prevent dust by covering up the bookcases when I am not home during the summer.  On top of the bookshelves I store my vases and other decor items, but they also look good as decor.  I put up two long rose-print curtains for the autumn season.  Behind the thrift-store bought table is the daybed.  From this library area, I can watch TV in the living room and also have a view of the kitchen.  My house has open floor plan.  All in all this space is my favorite area in the house presently. 

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    Hi Hanh! Wow! You never seise to amaze me with your unique way of Decorating! I like how you think outside the box. Your Library/Sitting/ Dining space looks so Beautiful & Vibrant! I love the big red vase on your table with the branches to suggest Fall. Those curtains work very well for separating your open floor plan. Very Nice! And I can’t forget to mention how beautiful your daughter is! 🙂

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      Thank you for noticing., Maria. By now you know I cannot live without colors. Do you know what I need to do next? Organize my books and DVDs alphabetically by titles. It takes me longer to find books at my own home than the library. This library space is one spot I can still call my own without my three children invading.

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    Hi, Hanh! I have concluded that your personality must match your bold and cheerful decorating style! You successfully infuse it throughout your home. Looks like you’ve got a great collection of colorful vases perched atop one book case, and you show off the big solitary red one in the center of the table well, especially with the long, bare branches. that reach toward the ceiling light. Keep your indoor “flower garden” bloomin’! 🙂

    • 4

      Thank you Jennifer. Well, I have told that I can be stern and strict. But I suppose those qualities have nothing to do with my penchant for bright and bold colors. I also choose bold colors in my clothes.. You know found the branches from my back and front yards, stemmed the leaves off and put them in the red lacquered vase.. Now I need to organize my books.

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