Lining the back of bookshelves

I have owned these six bookshelves since 2004.  I finally decided to line the back of these shelves with four nice wrapping paper rolls from TJ Maxx.  The lining was not hard, but the removing the books and putting them back were laborious for me because I neither have strong arms nor hands.  I like my lining muted, hence these paper patterns/prints.  I have 16 more bookshelves, but I am not lining those.  This activity was spring lining for me instead of spring cleaning.  The paper rolls were around $15.

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    Hi Hanh! How are you? I hope all is well 🙂 I haven’t been browsing the neighbor lately or at least long enough to say “hello”. So I wanted to say that your idea for the books shelves are very creative. I’m sure that took a lot of time and patience! Very Nicely Done!:)

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      Hello Maria. I hope you are having a good fall season of 2017. I have been busy and haven’t visited this site lately. Yes, it did take some patience and work because I had to remove the books, and then after the paper lining, then putting them back on the shelves in order.

      I haven’t been doing much home renovation or anything new because my house doesn’t need anything new. What I have been doing in slow earnest is donating household items I no longer want or need. I am so good at de-cluttering that others have called me over when they do their cleaning.

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