Weekend Mornings

Saturday mornings around here are the best! My favorite routine is to get up fairly early, start something baking for a weekend treat (my favorite is cinnamon rolls, I made pumpkin cinnamon rolls this weekend) make my coffee and then fold laundry and watch one of my favorite shows (usually Good Neighbors, a British show from the 70’s).

We do a lot of laundry in this house, so I like to do a load or two Friday night and fold it Saturday morning with my coffee and entertainment, it makes the job more fun. 

P.S. If you want the recipe for the Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls (with caramel drizzle!) this is the one I used: https://theplayinghouseblog.wordpress.com/2011/11/20/pumpkin-cinnamon-rolls/

Happy Weekend!

A revelation for every day

So, something hit me this week that I should have figured out long ago, but just didn’t. I’ve been adding some touches to the living room and guest room and nothing has turned out the way I wanted it. I’d love cloth in the store and then bring it home and hate it. Or i’d love a pattern online and look at it in the store and feel like it would never fit in my house. I Ended up frustrated and upset, because I wanted the process to be fun and it was making me tired and angry. 

Then I realized that it’s inevitable that my house isn’t going to look like Pinterest right now, I live in a rental that I can’t alter, with a budget that is extremely tight. And I realized what I SHOULD be doing, instead of trying to make sweeping transformations is to make sure that all my possessions are things I adore.

What I mean is this: instead of the hideous stained metal muffin tins I use now, I could replace them with beautiful ceramic painted muffin tins that I adore. I could get luxurious sheets, and adorable pillows. I could make lovely fabric napkins and get nice plates. 

In short, slowly replace the things in my home that I use every day and merely tolerate with things that I look forward to using each day. 

How will this help me? Well, for now not only will it make my temporary home look nicer and a better reflection of my style, but it will help me enjoy every day life. And in the future? Someday, God willing, when we get our own home it will be so much faster and simpler to create a place that I love when I’m using pieces that I have and love!

My dream home may be a long way off, but this realization has given me hope!

Our School Corner 

This year, I started the adventure of homeschooling my son in kindergarten, and we use a corner of his room to do it in because he has a larger room, and it kept all our stuff off the kitchen table. As with anything, our corner evolved some throughout the year as we figured out what worked for us and how to keep focused on school while surrounded by all his toys. (We started the year with a line of blue masking tape on the floor to divide the room into school side/play side, but that didn’t last long with little sister around!)


Anyways, we did school at an old fold up card table all year, until TODAY! Over the weekend, I found this beautiful table ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD FOR FREE! I swung my mini van over, and snatched it up with a smile on my face and thanksgiving in my heart! It was covered in cobwebs and scratched up, but is solid wood, and perfect for the space! 

As with many things, the new table inspired me to make some more changes in the corner (besides sweeping, which was long overdue), and I moved the bookcase from across the room to the school corner, banishing the LEGO table to the far side of the room and HOPEFULLY eliminating the painful reoccurrence of me stepping on tiny sharpened plastic each time we did school! Whew! 

We only have about a week of school left in kindergarten, and me, my son, and the corner all look different because of it 😉


What’s For Breakfast

Hello! I’m here for the block party! Woo! But first can I just say, I am loving Home Love Stories. It has been so fun to see you all posting stories and getting to know each other. And getting a glimpse into each of your homes is so cool 🙂 I think my favorite part so far has been the ‘Help a Sister Out’ category. Sometimes you just need a second opinion! And I think this is the sweetest little community to ask.

Anyway 🙂 This is what was for breakfast yesterday. I made a smoothie bowl with fruit, my sister’s homemade granola, almonds and coconut. I’m thinking I might need to make that my summer go-to breakfast!


And there was also coffee of course! This is an older picture of the coffee station in the townhouse I rent from my sister and brother-in-law. We’ve changed up this coffee station a bit since this picture was taken. We have just a few more steps to go and then we’ll be sharing it on The Inspired Room!


But let’s be honest, if I could have one thing for breakfast every morning it would actually be this picture above.


The Fat Hen is the cutest little restaurant in Seattle, and it happens to have THEE BEST eggs benedict I’ve ever eaten. If you ever get the chance to go here, I beg of you to get the pancetta eggs benedict and add avocado. Truly, I beg.


Sadly that’s not what’s for breakfast today. But maybe next weekend 🙂 And in my dreams. Ha.


serendipitous decor

My favorite corner is my cozy couch in my dining room.  

The natural light is great under this window. 

We are a family of 5, so we don’t need to sit on the couch at meals. Somehow, having a view of a cozy couch sort of makes the room feel more comfortable. 

I had the idea to put it here when we were unable to fit it up the stairs to our play room/media room. :) But, as it turns out, I really like it here. 

Favorite Corner: Kitchen/Breakfast Nook/Area

The kitchen/breakfast nook is more than just a favorite corner in my kitchen.  It has many house-to-home elements to my liking. airy space with sunligh and bay window looking out into the backyard and sunroom; built-in window seat.  The table is one of two and the main table in my house since I gave up a dining room proper.  This area is the most used in my house.  I finally took the pendant that came with the light fixture out and replaced it with a wired basket. Now there is more light in my otherwise dim life.  I recently turned a thrift-store bought bookshelf into an open hutch to shelve all of my china teaware I have collected over the years.  This area gives off an eclectically vintage, cottage, country style with colorful and bright decor.  #favoritecorner

A little springtime kitchen vignette on My Humble Home and Garden.com

Around the Table

  On the soffit above my kitchen table, in front of the bay, are the words, “The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.”  I believe that is the truth.

  Even though I have a beautiful dining room, most meals are shared at the kitchen table.  It’s where the kids did their homework.  Now the grandkids do their homework on Thursday nights at Grammy and Papa’s while I prepare dinner.   It’s where we draw, craft and play just about every kind of card and board game known to man.

   As our family has expanded, we sometimes have to expand the table to accommodate everyone.  Many years ago I was watching a show about Dixie Carter.  She was sharing her home and some of her secrets.  Under a beautiful tablecloth and beautifully set table, was a humble piece of plywood used to extend the size of the table!  Well, if it was good enough for Dixie, it was good enough for me.

   We bought a sheet of plywood for our Thanksgiving meal that year.  To protect the table top, I placed silicone pot holders on each corner then centered the plywood on top.  

   Before the next holiday, I centered a bowl in each of the corners, drew around it and had my oldest son jigsaw, to make rounded corners.  We still use that humble plywood for holidays, but now we need to use both tables.  #aroundthetable

Breakfast At Home

Going out for breakfast may be one of my favorite things ever, but there’s something pretty wonderful about eating breakfast in the comfort of my own home, too. This particular morning, breakfast is at home on the couch while I get ready to work for The Inspired Room. Coffee (with the foamiest foam from my Nespresso!), Greek yogurt and granola that I made last night!

A Cure For Curve Balls

One set of my white bowls is in the dishwasher, but even three stacks out of four are enough to make my heart sing.

We all have days and weeks like this. Sometimes, months or even years. 

When life throws curve balls on every pitch. 

When complications mount up to overwhelm the day‘s plans. When the ebbs and flows of daily life just don‘t go our way. 

I’ve been a bit of a roll this week. 

My mom‘s in the hospital. 
My car needs new brakes. 
My third-born required some emergency help from me with finances. 
Several of my students are struggling with their lessons. 
I‘m still dealing with doctors‘ appointments. 
And even my dog, Ranger, is having medical drama. More tumors on his little red rump.

Only the essentials are allowed to sit out on the counter these days: salt, pepper, olive oil, and art.
I‘m not too worried about any of this. These seasons of chaos have blown throw my world before, and I know that, in time, all will sort itself out and life will eventually calm down. 

I have no doubt. 

In the meantime, I will admit that I am: 

keyed up and jumpy. 
stretched way too thin 
and just plain stressed out. 

However, all is not lost. I know exactly how to deal with these edgy and exhausting emotions. 

I clean my kitchen.

I‘ve been obsessed with keeping the top of my salt shaker 
free of any stray grains. 
 I know. Super neurotic. But it beats biting my nails. 

Keeping up with the dishes. 
Wiping down counters. 
Maintaining my winter minimalist mode. 

These simple steps soothe my stressful soul and calm my jangled nerves. 

And let‘s be honest. A tidy kitchen makes every day better. 

Even the crazy, complicated, curve ball days.