Our School Corner 

This year, I started the adventure of homeschooling my son in kindergarten, and we use a corner of his room to do it in because he has a larger room, and it kept all our stuff off the kitchen table. As with anything, our corner evolved some throughout the year as we figured out what worked for us and how to keep focused on school while surrounded by all his toys. (We started the year with a line of blue masking tape on the floor to divide the room into school side/play side, but that didn’t last long with little sister around!)


Anyways, we did school at an old fold up card table all year, until TODAY! Over the weekend, I found this beautiful table ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD FOR FREE! I swung my mini van over, and snatched it up with a smile on my face and thanksgiving in my heart! It was covered in cobwebs and scratched up, but is solid wood, and perfect for the space! 

As with many things, the new table inspired me to make some more changes in the corner (besides sweeping, which was long overdue), and I moved the bookcase from across the room to the school corner, banishing the LEGO table to the far side of the room and HOPEFULLY eliminating the painful reoccurrence of me stepping on tiny sharpened plastic each time we did school! Whew! 

We only have about a week of school left in kindergarten, and me, my son, and the corner all look different because of it 😉


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    Hi Crystal! Your corner looks like the perfect little school room! The blue walls are great and I Like how you decorated with the map and the school materials. What a great find for a school desk! LOVE all of it! 🙂

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    I think your little school corner is adorable. I too looked right away at the paint and school materials hanging about. That’s awesome! My mom also home schooled me in Kindergarten. She didn’t do as well.. I had to repeat the next year. lol Keep up the good work 🙂

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    You have my respect for home schooling your child. Even though I teach at the university, I really can’t teach young children for many hours out of the day. I am so grateful for elementary school teachers. Don’t you just love it when you find something for free that you actually like/love? I am glad you scored what was a good fit in your corner for you and your child. I banish LEGOS in our home because I had bad accidents stepping on thos plastic pieces. My children can go the the local bublic library for LEGOS. Love your school corner.

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    What a fantastic find and lovely learning space. I homeschooled my two children from K-12; they graduated from college and are now working. It sounds like you’re off to a good start!

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