Make It Pretty in the Bathroom

I am a little late to the party this week but I wanted to select a small project and the two I am working on right now are not ready. So I got to thinking and wanted to share this accent idea from Umbra. My bathroom is small and I have painted it a dark colour, Sherwin Williams Sporty Blue so I needed to add lots of white. These floating flowers are extremely easy to install as you just push the magnet into the wall and toss on the flower. I used five of the flowers here to add some more white and visual interest without making things heavy.

I used several more on the entrance wall to reflect in the mirror. Lastly, I added a favourite picture of mine given to me years ago by my sister. Doesn’t this little trio make you want to sing? Singing in the shower is really my only venue!

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    Hi Nancy! I absolutely LOVE the color of your bathroom! The white accents you chose, really doe the trick. Those flowers look so pretty! And guess what. . .now I’m chuckling, I have a glass shelf in my bathroom too! My husband and I are “do it yourselfers” and it’s been three years since we renovated our bathroom (On a Budget, of course!). I’m thinking of changing my shower curtain and I might just go with off white too to make our bathroom brighter. I will have to share someday! Beautiful job!! πŸ™‚

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    Hi Nancy,
    What a pretty bathroom! I especially love the white and bright green accents with the wall color. Such a pretty space!

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    I just had to laugh (in a good way) reading the part where you said singing in the shower is your only venue. I like your bathroom decor very much. Love the flowers and all. Now I am thinking my kids’ bathroom is just killing me. it’s not dirty or anything, just too kiddy because now matter what I do my children just can’t seem to keep it neat. And I don’t even decorate it. That’s why they can’t really use my bathroom,. Next time if you want a brighter bathroom you can try a off white or white paint. White really opens up small space. And to me white is such a calming color.

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      Thanks Amy! Yep, my print is from back in the 80s I believe. πŸ™‚
      The same company also makes a set of metal dragon flies. They are so easy to put up and to clean, I just pull them off the wall and wash them off, then toss them back up.

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    Your bathroom looks so pretty — I love the color that you chose and yes, the white is the perfect accent. Those flowers are so nice, too! I love their shape.

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    Great color combinations, Nancy! It all looks so spring-like. A morning routine in that bathroom would definitely put a smile on my face!

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