Around the Table

A little springtime kitchen vignette on My Humble Home and A tray, flowers, a teapot and a couple of bunnies set on a tray.

  On the soffit above my kitchen table, in front of the bay, are the words, “The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.”  I believe that is the truth.

  Even though I have a beautiful dining room, most meals are shared at the kitchen table.  It’s where the kids did their homework.  Now the grandkids do their homework on Thursday nights at Grammy and Papa’s while I prepare dinner.   It’s where we draw, craft and play just about every kind of card and board game known to man.

   As our family has expanded, we sometimes have to expand the table to accommodate everyone.  Many years ago I was watching a show about Dixie Carter.  She was sharing her home and some of her secrets.  Under a beautiful tablecloth and beautifully set table, was a humble piece of plywood used to extend the size of the table!  Well, if it was good enough for Dixie, it was good enough for me.

   We bought a sheet of plywood for our Thanksgiving meal that year.  To protect the table top, I placed silicone pot holders on each corner then centered the plywood on top.  

   Before the next holiday, I centered a bowl in each of the corners, drew around it and had my oldest son jigsaw, to make rounded corners.  We still use that humble plywood for holidays, but now we need to use both tables.  #aroundthetable

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    My mom used the same trick when I was growing up and that simple act taught me a lot about what’s important in family life. Fancy polished dining room tables are great, but using humble means to make space for all is just as grand and elegant. Thanks for sharing your story!

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    Plywood? Very creatively diyed I must say. Your table looks sor warm and inviting to be sitting alone having morning coffee or with company. I love real life home decorating. I love your bob hairstyle by the stylish!

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    My mom did the same thing many years ago and ended up having a laminate too made to fit over the table. Our best memories are also there, eating with friends and family and playing games galore. I love your quote on the wall and that you live it out!

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