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    I also filled it with cupcakes for my daughter’s wedding. It’s an old plant stand that I painted and
    had fitted with glass inserts so things sit flat and don’t tip. Oh yes, and I’ve been known to fill it with pine and little packages at Christmas. Fun to decorate for all the holidays!

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    Gorgeous. I’m smitten with that deep brown-red color on the shelves. Makes all of your display pieces and artwork pop. I look at a lot of interior photos, but I have rarely if ever seen this shade before. Love it!

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      It’s black paint over red,. We wanted the red in places to come through. The other thing that makes it look a little redder than it is is the fact that the sun is shining and you can see our red barn through the window. I think it might be reflecting on the buttery. Thanks for your kind comments!

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