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      Thanks Diane, I’ll let you in on my lemon secret. When I find good fakes (of any fruit) I snatch them up ( those are from TJMaxx) then I mix in a few real lemons…looks very authentic and I don’t end up with lots of rotting fruit. Lemons are so darn expensive and I cook with them quite a bit. So I just switch up my “refrgerator ” lemons with my decor lemons as needed.

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    I believe I already told you how much I love this home…now I love it more! That cow pic is so awesome there. I like the lemon idea asd worry about the fruit rotting too. I have a bowl of green apples that really do look real. One of my grandkids even tried to take a bite! 🙂
    I spent Saturday night with family celebrating my mom’s birthday and skyping with family members living around the world. It wore my mom out but she is so happy this morning reminiscing about the night. And can you believe it?!!!! We had a snow storm! When will spring ever come?

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    Thanks Nancy, we love that cow too! I’m sorry about the snow:( but is sounds like you had a great celebration with your mom…skyping around the world…how cool is that? Happy birthday to your mom:)

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    Once again, Such a beautiful and inviting home! I love the way you incorporate different styles of furniture pieces that are old and new. It all seems to come together so perfectly in your home. I LOVE your home accents too! You have a good eye for displaying them.

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      Thank you so much Maria. For me, it seems like if I find things that I really love, they somehow find a way to work with the rest. I do like to mix up styles and textures to keep things interesting.

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    I love the ambience created by the multiples of lamps! And that lighting highlighs the unique architecture and your comfortably sophisticated decor. Perfect Saturday night.

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      Thank you so much Lisa. I’ll have to show your comment to my husband….. every lamp and light fixture in our home is on a dimmer! I do like to adjust the lighting;)

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