Late Winter Mash-Up

I spy with my little eye a tiny silver Christmas bauble.

It might be nice to be a straight arrow. 

You know, the kind of person who tackles one challenge a time and sees each task through from beginning to end before moving on to the next. 

But that is totally not me. I‘m a a bit more of a plate spinner; I usually find myself with a handful of ideas taking shape and multiple projects in motion, and I definitely enjoy the creative chaos of bouncing back and forth between them at my own whim. 

My house is a perfect reflection of this nonlinear behavior. Just in the little corner of my kitchen captured above, my post-Christmas neutrals sit quietly in the background near a throng of vibrant Valentines and a burst of spring‘s yellow forsythia. In other rooms, paper snowflakes and wintry silver garlands still stream from the ceilings; a Happy New Year banner adorns my dining room wall, and a tiny silver tinsel tree glows from the corner. 

This is no accident. Though specific seasons may come and go, each one of these small celebratory touches still speaks to me and I gladly embrace them. My home is a happy mash-up of different mid-winter moods that may not reflect perfection, but is a perfect representation of me.

The Ottoman

I think one of the most pretty and useful things I’ve added to my home recently has been this ottoman from World Market! At first I was a little worried, thinking it might get ruined if anyone went near it. Surprisingly enough, it’s been so durable! We use it for feet, snacking, sitting and watching Downton Abbey on the laptop :). I pull it close to the fire and over by the sofa, it’s so flexible and handy! I do keep a tray on it though, just in case.

And, look at my cute kids playing cards on it. 🙂 

Scentsational Coffee

You know what I do when I’m needing to get myself all motivated to do anything around the house? I turn on my coffee pot. I brew coffee. I SNIFF coffee. I like to drink it but the honest truth is I like smelling it and holding the hot cup even more than drinking it. And of course, I love making my coffee station all pretty and even the sight of it is a motivator to keep my counter clean :). This is one of my favorite daily rituals!