Scentsational Coffee

You know what I do when I’m needing to get myself all motivated to do anything around the house? I turn on my coffee pot. I brew coffee. I SNIFF coffee. I like to drink it but the honest truth is I like smelling it and holding the hot cup even more than drinking it. And of course, I love making my coffee station all pretty and even the sight of it is a motivator to keep my counter clean :). This is one of my favorite daily rituals!

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    I view the kitchen as the true heart of the home and a coffee/beverage station like YOURS is such a beautifully welcoming set-up to anyone who enters! We are building a new home and since I’ve been reading your blog, Melissa, I have been so inspired to have a coffee station in our new kitchen and have made it part of our counter design! Can’t wait till our home is completed ( next month!) and to share photos and our home story here. Thanks for all the inspiration!

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