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So, something hit me this week that I should have figured out long ago, but just didn’t. I’ve been adding some touches to the living room and guest room and nothing has turned out the way I wanted it. I’d love cloth in the store and then bring it home and hate it. Or i’d love a pattern online and look at it in the store and feel like it would never fit in my house. I Ended up frustrated and upset, because I wanted the process to be fun and it was making me tired and angry. 

Then I realized that it’s inevitable that my house isn’t going to look like Pinterest right now, I live in a rental that I can’t alter, with a budget that is extremely tight. And I realized what I SHOULD be doing, instead of trying to make sweeping transformations is to make sure that all my possessions are things I adore.

What I mean is this: instead of the hideous stained metal muffin tins I use now, I could replace them with beautiful ceramic painted muffin tins that I adore. I could get luxurious sheets, and adorable pillows. I could make lovely fabric napkins and get nice plates. 

In short, slowly replace the things in my home that I use every day and merely tolerate with things that I look forward to using each day. 

How will this help me? Well, for now not only will it make my temporary home look nicer and a better reflection of my style, but it will help me enjoy every day life. And in the future? Someday, God willing, when we get our own home it will be so much faster and simpler to create a place that I love when I’m using pieces that I have and love!

My dream home may be a long way off, but this realization has given me hope!

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    Smart lady! Don’t you get exhilarated when that “AHA! moment” strikes!? You’ve expressed perfectly Melissa’s philosophy and your decision to change up things you can afford and use long term as well as love everyday is so simple and so brilliant at the same time. It makes me want to smack my forehead! 🙂

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    Adriennne, I admire your way of thinking! I agree about giving new life to the even the littlest things that you can use everyday and that it can give you a happy feeling! 🙂

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