My Favorite Corner

This is my #favoritecorner. It’s everything I need….a comfy chair, a cozy blanket, footstool for my little dog Oscar, a lovely scrubbed top table to hold a cup of coffee and favorite book. Sunshine streams through my windows and all is well with the world.

Favorite Corner

When I first moved into my new home my plan was to turn this little corner into a reading nook. But once I settled in I realized it‘s not a big enough window seat to curl up on comfortably. I soon discovered though that it‘s the perfect place to sit and play my guitar. I have plans to make a cushion for the seat, and have already purchased the foam. Just need to decide on the fabric now. I‘ll probably stick with a neutral solid color instead of a pattern, since I like to switch out the pillows with the changing seasons. Eventually I‘d love to replace the vertical blinds that are on each and every window, but unfortunately that‘s down near the bottom of my home improvement wishlist.


Favorite Corner: Kitchen/Breakfast Nook/Area

The kitchen/breakfast nook is more than just a favorite corner in my kitchen.  It has many house-to-home elements to my liking. airy space with sunligh and bay window looking out into the backyard and sunroom; built-in window seat.  The table is one of two and the main table in my house since I gave up a dining room proper.  This area is the most used in my house.  I finally took the pendant that came with the light fixture out and replaced it with a wired basket. Now there is more light in my otherwise dim life.  I recently turned a thrift-store bought bookshelf into an open hutch to shelve all of my china teaware I have collected over the years.  This area gives off an eclectically vintage, cottage, country style with colorful and bright decor.  #favoritecorner

Three of My Favorite Corners

There are several little corners of my home that always make me happy. How could you not being happy surrounded by books? This corner is in our guest room and it’s a delightful place to take a nap! :)

I also love my entry, especially on a sunny day when the light is streaming through the windows!

I think this kitchen corner is my favorite corner in the house. I absolutely love seeing the open shelves and changing them for the seasons! #favoritecorner