Favorite Corner

When I first moved into my new home my plan was to turn this little corner into a reading nook. But once I settled in I realized it‘s not a big enough window seat to curl up on comfortably. I soon discovered though that it‘s the perfect place to sit and play my guitar. I have plans to make a cushion for the seat, and have already purchased the foam. Just need to decide on the fabric now. I‘ll probably stick with a neutral solid color instead of a pattern, since I like to switch out the pillows with the changing seasons. Eventually I‘d love to replace the vertical blinds that are on each and every window, but unfortunately that‘s down near the bottom of my home improvement wishlist.


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    Love this! I have two window seats that need to be enhanced. I was intending to showcase one that is in my guest room as I am hoping these will be favourite corners when completed.. I need some advice on the decor so, I think I will put it on “Help a sista out.”
    Love the pillows Bren!

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    Very cute corner. Love your guitar stand. Have you considered a bamboo shade? I found them recently at Big Lots (sounds crazy), and they are awesome and were very affordable. The filtered light that comes through is warm and cozy.

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