Favorite Corner in My Home

I seriously need to paint the walls in this room again, but try your best to ignore the walls and focus in on this rustic desk that my sweet sister, Patti, passed on to me when she sold her house. This piece was handmade by a friend of hers. I adore all the little cubby holes and drawers and this makes the perfect spot for me to fill and ship all my print orders from my Etsy Store. Another reason I love this corner of my home so much is that it reminds me how blessed I am and thankful for each customer that chooses to hang my artwork in their home. The little wooden chair came from Grandma‘s farm and that makes this space doubly blessed by these two special ladies in my life!

These little cubbies are the perfect spot for special items like the set of Jacks my sister gave me for Christmas one year. We are still kids at heart! I found the brass “Public Schools of New York“ doorknob years ago and it fits here perfectly.

Before Christmas, I found this bundle of twig colored pencils at T.J. Maxx and they‘ve found a home on the corner of my desk.

Do you have a favorite corner in your home? If not, gather some special pieces with memories and create one!

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    That’s lovely, Catherine! I’m a sucker for handmade furniture because it means it was lovingly made. Your walls of ivy bring back some good memories of my mother…she loved it in her home. We often ate off her favorite dinnerware pattern–Franciscan Ivy.

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    That desk is a gem, and the fact that it’s handmade and a gift from your sis just adds to the nostalgia and charm. I love the ivy too.

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    I HAD to click on this picture and read more. This for sure is a cherished cosy spot. I love the wood, the cubbies and all your little details. Lovely!

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