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My Favorite Corner in the Kitchen on My Humble Home and My Favorite Corner

   In my kitchen, there is a little corner where this sideboard sits.  It is my #favorite corner.  Inside are a multitude of tablecloths, napkins, miniature spoons and napkin rings.  Above the sideboard is one of my favorite oil paintings, which I painted several years ago.

   I love flowers!  The daffodils are fresh from my garden.  One of my passions is photographing the flowers in my garden.  Spring is here and my flowers are beginning a beautiful profusion of blooms.  For the next several months, each morning will be another exercise in trying to capture the beauty of these flowers.

   The table runner is an example of candlewicking, which is a type of whitework embroidery, traditionally sewn with unbleached thread on unbleached muslin.  I made this myself in the 1980’s.  It is still one of my favorite runners.

   Because I am in the kitchen so much, I try to have something pretty displayed on the sideboard.  Even in the dead of winter, I have those beautiful tulips to remind me of spring.

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    Now that’s a delicious piece of eye candy. Love the colors, textures and that soul-satisfying symmetry. You must smile every time you walk by.

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      Yes, Diane, those yellow daffodils do elicit a smile! Not being a winter person, the cheery spring flowers give my heart joy.

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    Love that cabinet and the painting and everything else in your kitchen corner. Just beautiful. Everything looks so charming and yet so quietly grand and elegant. I love brown wood furniture.

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      Thanks, Hanh! I love that, quietly grand! I would agree that my home is rather quiet in decor. I took piano lessons when I was younger. Although I don’t play so much anymore, I love to listen to piano music and every day you will hear it playing in my home. A long time ago I decided I wanted this to be our refuge, where we return to rejuvenate when the world out there beats us down, our escape from the chaos. I feel that here in our home until the grandchildren come and then there is chaos, but that is a good chaos!

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    What a warm and wonderful display. I have done candlewicking back in the day as well. This piece is lovely. Actually each item is thoughtfully chosen and adds to this special charming corner of your home. Well done!

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      Thanks, Nancy. Wonder if candlewicking will come back in again. I have seen some indication that macrame might be coming back. I’m thinking of teaching the grandkids some knots…,

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    This is really nice. The sideboard is a great piece. I love incorporating something like that into a kitchen where you might often only see the typical cabinetry. I also love that tou use it to hold such functional things.

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      I love the sideboard, Sena, but I still need more space to store tablecloths and napkins! Is there ever enough storage?

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    Hi Debra! Your style is very tasteful and elegant. I love the sideboard and the beautiful table runner you made. The picture you painted just enhances the already elegant look of this space. You are very talented! Thank you for sharing!

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    I agree it is a lovely display. Love everything about it. Painting is beautiful along with runner. It feels good to display items you have created. Well done.

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      Thank you, Brenda. You are right. It has always been so satisfying to create beautiful things, but it is especially nice to be able to share them with people who do appreciate them, too.

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