My Favorite Corner in the Kitchen on My Humble Home and

My Favorite Corner

   In my kitchen, there is a little corner where this sideboard sits.  It is my #favorite corner.  Inside are a multitude of tablecloths, napkins, miniature spoons and napkin rings.  Above the sideboard is one of my favorite oil paintings, which I painted several years ago.

   I love flowers!  The daffodils are fresh from my garden.  One of my passions is photographing the flowers in my garden.  Spring is here and my flowers are beginning a beautiful profusion of blooms.  For the next several months, each morning will be another exercise in trying to capture the beauty of these flowers.

   The table runner is an example of candlewicking, which is a type of whitework embroidery, traditionally sewn with unbleached thread on unbleached muslin.  I made this myself in the 1980’s.  It is still one of my favorite runners.

   Because I am in the kitchen so much, I try to have something pretty displayed on the sideboard.  Even in the dead of winter, I have those beautiful tulips to remind me of spring.

This Tiny Curio Cabinet…

Is my #favoritecorner nestled in the corner of our family room. As you can see it is very small in proportion, but just enough space to display a couple of family heirlooms. On the very top shelf you see a vintage glass blown daisy pitcher that was my GREAT Grandmother’s. These tiny tea cups that were made in Germany, were my Grandmother’s. Now its difficult to see the designs on these cute little gold spoons. At the top of them, is the artwork of Thomas Kinkade. My Mother loves his artwork and thought to give these spoon sets as gifts for Christmas one year to my brother’s wife, my sister and I. Every Christmas since then, we also get a Thomas Kinkade Calendar for the new year. I Love this teapot you see with the gold and blue stripes and the turquoise flowers! This was made in New England. My Mother gave it to me to display in the cabinet a while back. Little Story…Many years ago my Mother bought this teapot to give to my Great Aunt (on my Father’s side) one year for Christmas. Then years after that, my Great Aunt gave it to my Mom for Christmas! ugh! My Mom didn’t tell me this until she brought it over for me. After all that, I guess this teapot really didn’t have any meaning to her and I’m sure my mom was a somewhat offended and even a little hurt at the time. But now we can laugh about it, knowing my Great Aunt’s personality! And last but not least, the bottom cabinet, I find useful to store extra plates and such.