Sunroom: Our Comfy Spot


Greetings from Minnesota!

My husband and I start each day in our sunroom, It’s our favorite room in our home because of the natural lighting that seems cheerful even on a gray day.

This is our #comfyspot with our favorite wingback chairs, that we purchased for our former home fifteen years ago. 

My grandpa built the rustic green potting bench many years ago. This shelf contains memories of our grandparents: framed photos and kitchen paraphernalia. 

The top shelf displays a few of my favorite children’s books about flowers,, a few plants, and souvenir sea shells from past vacations. These remind me that winter won’t last forever!

Finally, I keep a Burlington picnic basket stocked with dishes and a blanket, hoping that I can convince my husband to take a break from work and relax. The small basket holds our bird identification book and a pair of binoculars. Do you watch birds? We started marking the pages so we remember which birds we’ve seen before and which ones are new to us. The glass jar hold more cookie cutters – mine and my husband’s grandmothers. I love cookies, especially Molasses Crinkles from Betty Crocker. My grandparents used to dunk them in coffee and even had extra cookies to dunk and feed to their dog!

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    Hi Tracie! What a wonderful place to start the day! I love your story and the many mementos which honour your family history. It adds so much personality to your room. I must confess to basket envy…your Burlington Basket would go great in my home! 🙂 I am not familiar with them so I need to go google. Have a lovely day! Thanks for sharing.

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      Hi, Nancy! The baskets were made in Burlington, Iowa and are easy to find in Minnesota at thrift stores and antiques shops, so I have three! They’re wonderful for storage. I snatch them up typically for $25-$40. My mom has a few, too. Happy hunting!

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    Tracie I love everything about that room! From the children’s books to the seashells. It’s bright and cheery as well as warm and comfy! I think a room filled with special memories is priceless

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    Hi Tracie! I Love your Sunroom! Its so bright and cheery. I can see that this would be your comfy spot. I also have a sunroom which we love and use everyday. I will be sharing my room with everyone soon. I just need to get my 9 sets of windows clean first! lol! I like that your decor is full of family memories. What a great place to keep them! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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      Washing windows is a chore I dislike but the pay off makes it worth the effort! I’m looking forward to seeing your sunroom – my Pinterest board is proof that I adore sunrooms!

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      My husband found the trunk at an occasional store – we love it, too! He stores all his plant care things in it: fertilizer and mister for his orchids. So it pulls the room together and serves a purpose.

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    Tracie, your cozy sunroom looks inviting. The perfect place to sip coffee and read, or visit with a friend. Welcome to this website and thanks for inspiring us with your home ideas.. I’m new to this site, too!

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