My #comfyspot

This is my comfy spot. It is where I land when I need a break during the day. It is usually where I have my quiet time and read my Bible in the mornings. The little basket on the side holds all my magazines,  iPad, heating pad, etc. Sometimes I have to run other family members out of the chair. IT is Mama Bear’s chair.

Comfy Spot

If I had to pick my comfy spot, this is the corner of the house that I would go to. This is a little space that we gained by ripping out the ceiling and extended it to the roofline. It is tucked up on top of the stairs overlooking the living room, with my husbands office the only real room up here. 

This is where I like to read my Bible in the mornings, and get refreshed for the day. I try to keep this spot “special” for that, but oftentimes about 15 stuffed animals and two kids are crammed in my lap and on the adjacent chair, and I like it that way! 😉 

This pillow cam from my sister in law from her mission time in India, and the tea set was carved in the Dominican Republic and reminds me of the three summers I spent there with SCORE International. I always rest my coffee cup on that corner, and like to look at the family wedding pictures, as we all live far apart now. 

This is the #comfyspot, and that box tucked on the window is ant killer to try and rescue us from the ant infestation the upstairs has been experiencing! Apparently it is their comfy spot too! hahaha 😉 

The Porch…Finally!

When the weather warms up, it’s time to get outside and our back porch becomes our #comfyspot. We enjoy coffee in the morning and dinner at night. We do have a TV out there to enjoy hanging out on summer evenings or fall football games! I found the cabinet that holds the TV at a thrift store, painted and frosted the glass.

Zoey thinks it’s comfy too! I hope you all are enjoying the start of summer!

Chester’s Comfy Spot

Everyone likes a #comfyspot, and our goldendoodle Chester is no exception. He wasn’t allowed on the couch for a few years, but we finally caved in and covered it with a blanket so he can climb up without scratching the leather.

Now he can keep an eye on me while I work in the kitchen, which is what he really wants—to keep track of his people. Our Scottish terrier did the same thing years ago, peering over the same arm of the couch – in a different house – but with the same mission of watching me in the kitchen. 

Our pets have always made our house feel like home. When our grown up kids come back, Chester goes crazy! It’s a fight to see if Mom will get the first hug or Chester. (Dad knows to let Mom get the first hug.)

Sunroom: Our Comfy Spot

Greetings from Minnesota!

My husband and I start each day in our sunroom, It’s our favorite room in our home because of the natural lighting that seems cheerful even on a gray day.

This is our #comfyspot with our favorite wingback chairs, that we purchased for our former home fifteen years ago. 

My grandpa built the rustic green potting bench many years ago. This shelf contains memories of our grandparents: framed photos and kitchen paraphernalia. 

The top shelf displays a few of my favorite children’s books about flowers,, a few plants, and souvenir sea shells from past vacations. These remind me that winter won’t last forever!

Finally, I keep a Burlington picnic basket stocked with dishes and a blanket, hoping that I can convince my husband to take a break from work and relax. The small basket holds our bird identification book and a pair of binoculars. Do you watch birds? We started marking the pages so we remember which birds we’ve seen before and which ones are new to us. The glass jar hold more cookie cutters – mine and my husband’s grandmothers. I love cookies, especially Molasses Crinkles from Betty Crocker. My grandparents used to dunk them in coffee and even had extra cookies to dunk and feed to their dog!

Our Family Room #comfyspot

Welcome to one of the few comfy spots in our home! This is our family room down the steps from our kitchen. I would say this is the most contemporary space in our home. When we bought this home years ago, this was an unfinished room. But for some reason it had already been paneled with an unfinished ceiling. With very little of a budget at the time, we sheet rocked the ceiling and stuccoed it in a Mediterranean style look. Then we primed and painted the paneling. The paneling has been painted quite a few times over the years and it still works for us. I guess you can say maybe, a little rustic appeal. . . This is where my hubby and I retreat at the end of the day. We love catch up on many of the TV series that we have missed over the years on Netflix! No commercials! Sometimes my son and his girlfriend will come down and watch a movie with us when they have nothing better to do! Lol!

My comfy spot is to the left, between the two pillows. The chaise end of the sectional is comfortable but it is a little bit difficult to focus on the TV from that angle. My cats, Henry and Oliver will lay at the end of the chaise so it does get some use. Lol! My hubby claimed the corner to the right. But every so often he will give it up for me. And some days we will even snuggle there together. :)

When we finished the family room we had purchased this gas stove below, which was such a great investment!. It definitely keeps us warm and cozy in the Winter Months!

Thank you for stopping by! :)

My Comfy Spot

My #comfyspot is the corner of my sofa. 

I love being snuggled up in this corner on weekend mornings with a cup of coffee, or on any night to watch a movie with my favorite guy.  Or, as is the case this evening, with a stack of magazines, and a lovely glass of wine.

Hope you all are having a beautiful weekend. 🙂

Comfy Spot Block Party

Hi friends! We have been loving all of your stories and the great community that is forming here at the Home Love Stories neighborhood! I thought I would quickly pop on and announce this week’s Block Party theme: “Comfy Spot!”. Anytime during this upcoming week, join the party and share with us your favorite comfy spot in your home 🙂

Be sure to use the hashtag #comfyspot somewhere in your story so others can easily find it!