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Welcome to one of the few comfy spots in our home! This is our family room down the steps from our kitchen. I would say this is the most contemporary space in our home. When we bought this home years ago, this was an unfinished room. But for some reason it had already been paneled with an unfinished ceiling. With very little of a budget at the time, we sheet rocked the ceiling and stuccoed it in a Mediterranean style look. Then we primed and painted the paneling. The paneling has been painted quite a few times over the years and it still works for us. I guess you can say maybe, a little rustic appeal. . . This is where my hubby and I retreat at the end of the day. We love catch up on many of the TV series that we have missed over the years on Netflix! No commercials! Sometimes my son and his girlfriend will come down and watch a movie with us when they have nothing better to do! Lol!

My comfy spot is to the left, between the two pillows. The chaise end of the sectional is comfortable but it is a little bit difficult to focus on the TV from that angle. My cats, Henry and Oliver will lay at the end of the chaise so it does get some use. Lol! My hubby claimed the corner to the right. But every so often he will give it up for me. And some days we will even snuggle there together. :)

When we finished the family room we had purchased this gas stove below, which was such a great investment!. It definitely keeps us warm and cozy in the Winter Months!

Thank you for stopping by! :)

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    I could get very comfy in that space, Maria! The colors are beautiful and so much space on that sectional to stretch out and relax – I would have no problem napping there. 🙂 I love the gas stove too. Our first home was a little 1 bedroom house with no central heating. We installed a gas stove very similar to yours and that’s what heated our whole house!. It was so cozy to have on, I always say we need to get another one someday – especially if we refinish our basement. Thank you for sharing!

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      Thank you Tonya! For some reason, I seem to be using a lot of blue color tones for decorating in my home lately. It is supposed to be a soothing color. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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    Oh Maria! You and Tonya have the cosiest places! For many years, I had this exact same style. Not a sectional but a comfy cushiony sofa and loveseat with a leather recliner. It was my haven after my divorce. I always loved it but I wondered if I hadn’t really decorated it as a place my husband would love. In recent years I worked extra jobs to raise money and I completely redid my home to finally let go of my former life. I had already let it go years ago in my head and heart but my home didn’t reflect that. Now I have a different more feminine style but I hope I am keeping the coziness I love.
    I really like the curtains with the rope detail. As usual I think you have created a space I would love to visit and feel at home in.

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      Thank you so much Nancy! Our home is very informal, but I try to make our home comfortable for my family and all who visit. I would like to think that I bring a little “whimsical” around our home as well. I would love to see more of how your home reflects you and your personality! Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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    Maria, I think you’ve got a great design sense, too! I like the comfy feel of the room you’ve created. I really like the rustic wood molding framing the ceiling and window. Along with the blue-striped pillows, the curtains, the canvas painting and other accessories throughout the room, you’ve created a special space with a charming lake/seashore vibe. Me likey!

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      Thank you Jennifer! I do like the rustic feel of this room even though it’s still paneled. Maybe someday we can change that, but for now it is okay. There always seems to be another project that we would rather tackle first before getting back to updating the walls and ceiling in the family room. 🙂

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    Maria, your space looks and feel very comfortable indeed, but comfort and design look all in one. It looks lived in but still very cohesive decor style to me. I like how you pulled everything off in this room.

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    Maria, I love your comfy space. I am kind of a beige person myself and those warm earthy colors are in my palette, too. This spring I added more blue accents in my family room, too. I love that large tray on your ottoman!

    • 15

      Thank you Debra! I bought that tray, this past Fall, at Marshalls (One of the “GRAB IT!”, when you first see it Stores! lol) It was the largest out of the three sizes. At first, I thought it was going to be too big. It grew on me and now I’m glad I kept it. I have also recently seen the same style wood trays online in higher end stores and they are way more expensive than what I paid for it! Yay!

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