Chester’s Comfy Spot

Everyone likes a #comfyspot, and our goldendoodle Chester is no exception. He wasn’t allowed on the couch for a few years, but we finally caved in and covered it with a blanket so he can climb up without scratching the leather.

Now he can keep an eye on me while I work in the kitchen, which is what he really wants—to keep track of his people. Our Scottish terrier did the same thing years ago, peering over the same arm of the couch – in a different house – but with the same mission of watching me in the kitchen. 

Our pets have always made our house feel like home. When our grown up kids come back, Chester goes crazy! It’s a fight to see if Mom will get the first hug or Chester. (Dad knows to let Mom get the first hug.)

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      I tease my husband that he is like Jacob in the Bible and Chester is Joseph – his spoiled son of his old age. All that’s missing is Chester’s coat of many colors! Our neighbor and fellow empty nester concurred that his dog is like his third son. (His wife rolled her eyes at that point!)

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    What a cutie!! I think it’s a constant test that our pets give us! If you give in once, they never forget! By the way, I absolutely love your end table and your tripod lamp! 🙂

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