My comfy spot (my conservatory)

This is where I like to sit to do my beadwork.  The light floods in and I can sit and watch the birds in the garden. The windowsill is piled with boxes of beads and findings at the moment as I am in bead mood.  In front of the window is a pine coffee table that I made many years ago at a woodworking class.  It has a matching smaller table opposite but out of shot. I love the picnic basket that is on top of the table.  We have great plans for picnics this summer. If you google  ‘Whitby’’ you can imagine Tony and I sitting up near the Whalebones enjoying a picnic lunch.  We will catch the train just around the corner from where we live and the journey takes about an hour.  It passes through some of the prettiest scenery you could imagine.

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    I LOVE this Cheri! I have always wanted a conservatory and have an entire pin board dedicated to the topic on my Pinterest. I dream of one day having one… being curled up on a wicker sofa under a pendleton with my Mac book and a mug of tea… Oh, I’d be out there on rainy evenings and there would be a ton of potted plants. 😀 Ahhhh I sure can dream! As for now, I will have to drool at yours! You lucky lady!

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    What a nice spot Cherie. It must be so relaxing to work away at creating your bead work and watching the marvelous birds.
    Picnics are always such fun. I love taking day trips around my province. It is such a picturesque place. I would love to travel around England as well.

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    I googled Whitby and it looks absolutely gorgeous! Take plenty of pictures to share!
    It does look like you have a comfy spot there and an added bonus of being able to watch the birds!

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