Mother’s Day 2015

I am blessed to be a mother, mother-in-law and grandmother. Those of you who are mothers of either humans or special pets know that being a mother is enough…the best gift possible. It makes every day joyful! But isn’t it a treat when they want to celebrate you!? Among my gifts this year was this lovely little globe. I have craved one for so many years. My daughter knew. As she said, “Mom, I’m giving you the world! I hope she, her brother, my daughter-in-law and wonderful grandchildren know they ARE the world to me. Feeling grateful… 🙂

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    A globe in a house is a must have for me. I have never seen one like yours and I really like the modern “spin”! Sorry for the lame joke but I really do like the quirkiness of the globe. What a lovely thing for your daughter to say to you too!

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      Thanks Barb. She found the globe at Chapters/Indigo Bookstore. I really love the old blue ones of my youth too. 🙂
      I am trying out locations for it. It seems to fit just about anywhere in my condo.

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    Hi Nancy! What a unique gift! And the meaning behind it, says it all! You must feel so blessed. I like the modern look too! It looks like a good spot to me! 🙂

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