My Confession – My Comfy Place

All my life I have enjoyed a good nap. When the world gets to be too much or when I have done too much that day, I love to tuck myself in to my cozy bed. Mostly I nap but often not until I have read a chapter or two. Today’s joy comes from Jeffrey Archer’s “Mightier Than The Sword”. #mycomfyplace

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    Hi Nancy! What a pretty comfy spot! I Love your swing arm lamps! They are beautiful! I didn’t notice at first, but I love the beading that hangs down from the shades. A person’s bed should be everyones comfy spot! I like everything about your room! The color of the wall’s, the lovely picture and I love the style of your pillows and bedding. They are so feminine and pretty! 🙂

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    Thanks Maria! The room is not completed yet as I am refinishing a dresser for it. I am also looking for a chair for the opposite corner. I am really pleased with the results so far.

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    Hi Nancy, what a perfect “comfy place” you have. All of the pillows are so pretty and I can understand why napping there would be so enticing! I bet it’s a perfect place to read too thanks to the lovely swing arm lamps. Pretty space!

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    Nancy, you have a lovely serene space. I would enjoy looking at the floral print every time I crawled into bed. White flowers are my favorite–magnolias, gardenias, camellias, dogwood and on and on.

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      Thanks Jennifer. I found this picture years ago. I wanted it in place of a head board. There was a small thin scratch on the side of the frame and the store offered me a huge discount. I couldn’t resist! 🙂
      I have had it over 15 years and I still love the feeling in my bedroom. The flowers are freesia I think??? I also love white flowers. Every spring I choose white tulips as my go to fresh flowers. Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

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      Thanks Teresa! I am now reading James Patterson’s latest. Although, my preference is mysteries, I also enjoy Mary Kay Andrews’ romance style…just a fun read. It is my guilty pleasure 🙂 What’s your favorite read?

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