The Porch…Finally!

When the weather warms up, it’s time to get outside and our back porch becomes our #comfyspot. We enjoy coffee in the morning and dinner at night. We do have a TV out there to enjoy hanging out on summer evenings or fall football games! I found the cabinet that holds the TV at a thrift store, painted and frosted the glass.

Zoey thinks it’s comfy too! I hope you all are enjoying the start of summer!

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    What a terrific spot Amy! I love porches whether they are screened in or wide open. Yours is such a great size and so functional. I love how porches connect the inside to the outdoors. You are so lucky! We are just really getting started on Spring here but I am looking forward to many fun times on many great porches. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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    Your porch is amazing. The views are incredible and I love the brick. I prefer a screened porch so I don’t have to deal with any bugs and can truly relax. Enjoy it this long holiday weekend!

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      E questo chi lo supera? Sembra impossibile. Il genio secondo me non si &qauo;stperu" né si eguaglia. Ci può essere un altro genio nuovo, diverso, che dà un taglio netto. Però non si può migliorare un'idea già perfetta.Simone

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    The view from your porch is beautiful, Amy! You’ve done a great job of decorating it too, I love what you did with the tv cabinet. What a wonderful space to spend time with your family. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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    That’s a very comfy area, Amy, and the view surrounded by big trees looks serene! It’s cool that you could nestle your sofa between the two brick “side tables”.

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    Thanks Jennifer, I hope your recuperation is going well! I was so pleased that the sofa fit in that nook! We have been wanting to screen the porch for years but couldn’t figure out how to deal with the two stairwells. So we consulted a builder last spring and he said to just cover them up and so they became “side tables”! We wish we had done this years ago and really love this fair weather space!

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    Oh, I could spend hours out on that porch!! So much light and I love the brick (and Zoey too 🙂 ) Beautiful space!

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    Hi Amy! What a warm and relaxing feel you have on your porch! I think using the brick cover ups brings so much character into this space. I love the idea of the frosted glass to camouflage your TV and how you raised the cabinet on the metal stand, So unique! I LOVE everything about your porch! And that hanging light fixture! Where did you get that? Cute doggy too! 🙂

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      Hi Maria, thank you for your comment! The metal stand holding the TV cabinet is actually a plant stand that we’ve had for years, it fit perfectly! The light fixture is from Pottery Barn. Oh, and the coffe table is really a bench:) Thanks for looking!

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    I need to show my husband these pictures! This would be my dream sun room for when we retire (which won’t be for quite a few years!). Virginia looks like a beautiful place to live. I am a writer, and I can picture myself there writing to my heart’s content!

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