Pets At Home: Jack and Lily

I can’t imagine our home without our pets! We keep our furniture pet-friendly as much as possible because…obviously…there’s no keeping them off :)

Case in point. Sometimes we put obstacles in their way and they don‘t even care. They will find a way.

There’s never a dull moment in our house with Jack and Lily. They are always into some kind of mischief! 

This is their favorite lookout point where they watch to make sure there isn’t any funny business going on outside (you know, like squirrels, mail men…very threatening things) :) 

We love our pets! Share photos of your pets in your home, we want to see!


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    Hi Melissa, they look like absolutely gorgeous characters. I can only imagine the fun they get up to with your 3 kids! I hope you don’t mind me asking, I am curious as to what breed they are?
    My house is fur-baby free at present, but I am keen to change this, they bring so much love and laughter to your life.

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    I love the adventures of Lily and Jack. We have two dogs, Moose and And, who are likewise fun and energetic and get into all sorts of trouble My dogs are always on the furniture, so now our sofas are brown, grey and deep blue. Keeps everything looking moderately clean.

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    Your furry pups completely light up my day!! Their eyes show such a depth of character, and your amusing vignettes of life with them make us enjoy the moment, and take life less seriously!!!

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    OMG!!! We must be related…………our Toffedoodle looks like part of the furry family!!!!
    They are fabulous!!!!

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