Pets At Home: Steel

Our almost year old Great Dane Steel. Enjoying ‘his’spot on the couch. 

Sometimes, his head gets way too heavy to hold up. 

Other times, he’s allowed on the bed in the morning. And then never gets up. Long after you’ve cleaned the rest of the house. My 2 year old nephew is his best buddy!

He may be a handful sometimes, and I may have lost a few decorative pillows to his ‘you didn’t take me along?!?!’ revenge chew fests, and I may have to CONSTANTLY put my rugs and couch back into place – but he’s the best dog in the world 🙂 #PetsAtHome


I have introduced you all to Alice before, but I just had to share this picture.  This was the photo posted to the adoption website and as soon as I took one look at that sweet puppy face I was IN LOVE.

She’s mostly grown now, but she has brought such joy and laughter to our house, and healed our grieving hearts after the loss of our first dog.  My husband and I do not have children, so she is our baby – I can’t imagine home without her. Dogs are just the best. 🙂


Hope this isn’t weird, but I just couldn’t resist posting photos of my beautiful pets at home (my previous home) even though they have both recently passed away. My heart is still so tender thinking about them.

Our cat was Ashley Scooter Pie, and she was the typical cat who only wanted love and attention on her terms. Haha! Of course she was the most loving when we were doing some sort of paperwork and she needed to plop down right on top of everything. Ashley loved to cuddle with our son the most, but loved all of us when she was hungry. :)

Scout was our sweet, lovable lab. I cannot say enough good things about her! Seriously, the perfect dog. She brought so much love to our family. Scout loved people, the beach, swimming and hiking, and she was my running buddy. Oh, and food. She loved all food. Anything even close to edible. Even a paper napkin with a smudge of mustard was fine with her.

I miss my pets very much, and I’m not at a place in life right now where I’m able to give a new pet the time and attention they require and deserve. But, who knows, someday down the road? :) Thanks for the opportunity to share.


Grayson & Cooper

I did a story once before on my boys, but with #petsathome, I thought I do another quick one. This is Grayson laying in one of his favorite places. He’s the little brother at 7 yrs. old. He is scared of the littles/strangest things. We don’t know he past, we rescued him over 2 yrs ago now. He has fit right in since day one. It’s like we’ve always had him. In being with a traditional shih-tzu, his naughty side comes out every now and then. What he doesn’t know is I’ve already had one naughty shih-tzu, so he will be hard pressed to show me something new! 😉

Grayson loves the snow, ice cubes, green beans and hates the heat. He has enough fur for 3 dogs. So trips to the groomer are frequent, especially in the summer time. To watch him and Cooper become brothers warms my heart. Grayson is the follower of the two and Cooper doesn’t mind being in charge.

This is Cooper at his favorite spot on the couch. He loves the corners! Cooper is our crazy border terrier, who refused to eat green beans until he saw his little brother doing it. Now we gobble them down because we don’t want to miss out! Coop loves the sunshine, treats (any kind) and going everywhere! He has grown to hate the snow and can’t understand for the life of him why his brother eats ice cubes. It’s too funny. He’ll act like he wants one, then he’ll spit it out and give you a look like “Hey, that’s not a treat! What are you trying to pull lady?” 🙂

Cooper conveys every thought he has with his facial expressions, especially when he’s mad or cranky! I’ve never had a dog with such a personality! He makes me laugh and keeps me on my toes…that’s for sure.
Our house would not be a home without these two. It’s the first time I’ve had two dogs and I’m really enjoying them! They make me smile everyday and the greeting I get when I come home from work is priceless!
Lady the Little Maltese on

My Lady

#PetsAtHome This is Lady.  She came to stay with us about two years ago.  With full-time jobs, her original owners didn’t have time to spend with her and apparently she was locked up a lot. Fortunately, they realized it was not a good life for her.  They were willing to give her up and she found her way here.  She looked pretty scraggly when she first came here, but we found a good groomer and now she is pretty much a pampered pup.   Our groomer actually comes to the house!  That is the greatest service!

   When she first came she needed to have her hair shaped.  Oh, my!  I won’t even embarrass her with those pictures!  This is after one of Lady’s first groomings, with my granddaughter, Sophia.

   She is so spoiled in some ways, but she is really a gentle, loving dog, especially with the grandkids.  Dave would not admit it, but she loves to lay her head on his feet when we watch television. If his feet are on the sofa, she comes up with both paws and gives his leg a firm push.  She is not happy until he puts his feet on the floor.
   In the beginning, being a manly man, Dave said he didn’t want this little fluff ball, but she quickly grew on him and before long he was giving her nicknames and talking to her when he didn’t think I was listening.  Now, I am sure he has more conversations with her than I do and she is often sitting on the deck with him, just enjoying the outdoors.

Our Riley

Riley is our 7 and 1/2 year old yellow lab.  She actually prefers to be out here on our deck rather than in the house. That’s fine with me because I feel the same way. In this photo she’s showing off her fabulous thick white eyelashes on this warm sunny day in CT. She loves to eat, and well eat.  

My toddler grandsons can pretty much do any and everything to her and she just rolls over and takes it. Probably because they leave her an abundance of crumbs to feast on. In her eyes I’m sure she wins on that one. 

In this last photo she’s found a treasure, a stray piece of cardboard that I can promise you will be walked around in her mouth for about 15 minutes and then shredded in the yard. So predictable! That’s why we love her! #petsathome

Pets At Home: Jack and Lily

I can’t imagine our home without our pets! We keep our furniture pet-friendly as much as possible because…obviously…there’s no keeping them off :)

Case in point. Sometimes we put obstacles in their way and they don‘t even care. They will find a way.

There’s never a dull moment in our house with Jack and Lily. They are always into some kind of mischief! 

This is their favorite lookout point where they watch to make sure there isn’t any funny business going on outside (you know, like squirrels, mail men…very threatening things) :) 

We love our pets! Share photos of your pets in your home, we want to see!