Pets At Home: Steel

Steel on 'his' spot on the couch.

Our almost year old Great Dane Steel. Enjoying ‘his’spot on the couch. 

Sometimes, his head gets way too heavy to hold up. 

Other times, he’s allowed on the bed in the morning. And then never gets up. Long after you’ve cleaned the rest of the house. My 2 year old nephew is his best buddy!

He may be a handful sometimes, and I may have lost a few decorative pillows to his ‘you didn’t take me along?!?!’ revenge chew fests, and I may have to CONSTANTLY put my rugs and couch back into place – but he’s the best dog in the world 🙂 #PetsAtHome

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    I just love his gangly self!! I have a fascination with this breed. He seems so lovable and relaxed. Like a huge huge cuddly toy.

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    Danes are such a wonderful breed. My boyfriend had one when we were kids and she wasn’t just the pet…she was one of us kids and always by our side.

  3. 5

    Absolutely LOVE that name! In the first couple of pics I thought he hadn’t had his coffee yet! Hilarious! 🙂
    I worked one summer for a family that had two Great Danes! Thank goodness it was a big house and acres of land. (It was a horse farm where I cooked for the riding camp.). They were really sweet dogs. Thanks for sharing Katy!

    • 6

      We totally want to get another! Probably next year! He’s definitely the best dog I’ve ever had and thank my boyfriend all the time for getting him! (He got him the month before we started dating – and named him cause of his blue color. Turned out he loves to lick and chew on metal so uh, that worked out. But… not for the few zippered hoodies and purses he got a hold of when he was little! hahaha!) No problem! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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