My Lady

Lady the Little Maltese on Lady our little Maltese puppy.

#PetsAtHome This is Lady.  She came to stay with us about two years ago.  With full-time jobs, her original owners didn’t have time to spend with her and apparently she was locked up a lot. Fortunately, they realized it was not a good life for her.  They were willing to give her up and she found her way here.  She looked pretty scraggly when she first came here, but we found a good groomer and now she is pretty much a pampered pup.   Our groomer actually comes to the house!  That is the greatest service!

   When she first came she needed to have her hair shaped.  Oh, my!  I won’t even embarrass her with those pictures!  This is after one of Lady’s first groomings, with my granddaughter, Sophia.

   She is so spoiled in some ways, but she is really a gentle, loving dog, especially with the grandkids.  Dave would not admit it, but she loves to lay her head on his feet when we watch television. If his feet are on the sofa, she comes up with both paws and gives his leg a firm push.  She is not happy until he puts his feet on the floor.
   In the beginning, being a manly man, Dave said he didn’t want this little fluff ball, but she quickly grew on him and before long he was giving her nicknames and talking to her when he didn’t think I was listening.  Now, I am sure he has more conversations with her than I do and she is often sitting on the deck with him, just enjoying the outdoors.

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    I didn’t think I would want a fluffball either but after seeing your Lady, I changed my mind! Soooo cute. Both of your girls are beautiful.

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      Lady is the best dog! She is a beautiful dog. She is quiet most of the time and has a low bark, not the yip you might expect from a small dog. That was one of Dave’s concerns. He was surprised when she did bark. She only barks to alert us when she hears someone coming in the house or at the front door. She is great with the kids.

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      Mikaela has a business, K-9 by Design. She pulls her van into the drive, plugs into our electric and everything else she needs is in her van. She loves animals and is very good with them. An hour later Lady comes out looking pampered and pretty! It is the best!
      Kids in general, love her! She just loves people and attention. At Halloween, she was dressed like a ladybug and you would not believe how many times we heard, “Awww.”

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