Walter Smith#petsathome

This is Walter. Walter is also a goldendoodle. He is still a baby (6 months) but he‘s had no problem making our home his own:)

This is my husband’s spot on the couch. If he doesn’t call squatters, he loses his spot pretty quick! 

Walter loves that he’s tall enough to look out the big window sills now. He’s a great watch dog (not really but we love him anyway!)

When it’s time for bed or time to go to work, he thinks he’s sneaky and can hide from us. I think he needs to find a new hiding spot…

You can’t see him, can you? 😉 

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    Walter is absolutely adorable. I love that he looks line a human wearing a dog suit when he stands up and looks out the window. Thanks for sharing such cute pics, makes me just want to hug him!

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    I LOVE Walter! He is simply adorable!! Don’t you love when they think they’re hiding? My Grayson does that under my son’s bed, which is a foot and a half off the floor. 😉 We don’t tell him we can see him…LOL!

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    Cute! I love his name — my grandparents had “Wally” for years, and he was a great dog. I’m sure Walter will be just as good!

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