Our Riley

Riley is our 7 and 1/2 year old yellow lab.  She actually prefers to be out here on our deck rather than in the house. That’s fine with me because I feel the same way. In this photo she’s showing off her fabulous thick white eyelashes on this warm sunny day in CT. She loves to eat, and well eat.  

My toddler grandsons can pretty much do any and everything to her and she just rolls over and takes it. Probably because they leave her an abundance of crumbs to feast on. In her eyes I’m sure she wins on that one. 

In this last photo she’s found a treasure, a stray piece of cardboard that I can promise you will be walked around in her mouth for about 15 minutes and then shredded in the yard. So predictable! That’s why we love her! #petsathome

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    Riley is adorable!! Labs will always have a special place in my heart. I lost my yellow lab last Sept. She made it to age 14 and then went peacefully at home. I was in shock since she wasn’t sick. It still makes me cry when I think about her…. like right now. Ugh. She was the best dog ever. I’ve thought of posting pics here, but thought it might be weird because she’s gone. I still might. I miss her so much.

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      Thanks for sharing your lab story. They are a special loving breed of dog. Not demanding and always happy 🙂 You had fourteen years of joy and now a lifetime of memories. Maybe you’ll have another lab to love one day. ❤️

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    Our first dog was a collie named Riley, and I still love the name and the memory of that dog! We had a yellow lab next, Scout. He was so smart, loved to play with our kids, and ran endless miles with my husband. Your Riley is a beautiful dog!

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      Oh Tracie, how funny! My yellow lab was named Scout! A female though. And she was my running buddy too. Ah, such love and joy our pets give us. 🙂

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        Tracie and Bren, I love the name Svout! I believe my husband brought that name up but my youngest wanted Riley. Labs can run forever can’t they??

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    Riley is a beauty!! Labs are the best – we had a lab mix, Esther, that passed away last year and I still miss her terribly. She was a horribly destructive puppy (as most labs are, I think), but she grew to be the most incredible dog. As much as I love our Alice (our current puppy) I will always have a special place in my heart for Esther. Thanks for sharing your special girl!

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      Thanks Tonya, I love the ne Esther!! Riley was horribly destructive as well. Chewed the woodwork in our brand new house and on our hands as well for the first 6 months. I thought my husband was going to send her away but thankfully did not and she’s grown to be the best dog. She doesn’t even destroy her toys lol!

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      Thanks Wendy, the deck was used all weekend! It was beautiful here. Riley was there of course lol. That outdoor rug is from Walmart, best price around. I thought it made everything cheery with the flower pattern and all the colors.

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