Kitchen Reno Part 2

We are getting closer.  The countertops went in, the existing cabinet boxes were sprayed and new doors, drawers and handles went in (I reused my sink, faucet and knobs from my old kitchen because I liked them enough).  I am still in the process of getting my appliances installed and getting everything back in the kitchen so things are still looking pretty bare.  I am really happy with how things turned out.  I am still struggling with a backsplash.  I don’t want anything shiny or white.  More matte and natural.  I am just nervous because backsplashes can really date a kitchen and my husband will never let me change it again! lol.  Any suggestions?

I really liked this limestone with a matte finish and beveled edge, but am I going to regret gray in 5 years?!? help!

Need some suggestions because I am running out of steam quickly!  

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    Your kitchen looks great! I think the limestone backsplash will compliment your countertops and cabinetry. Very pretty kitchen!

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    Your kitchen is looking beautiful! I like the limestone – I think it would be a beautiful accent and a timeless choice. 🙂

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