I have introduced you all to Alice before, but I just had to share this picture.  This was the photo posted to the adoption website and as soon as I took one look at that sweet puppy face I was IN LOVE.

She’s mostly grown now, but she has brought such joy and laughter to our house, and healed our grieving hearts after the loss of our first dog.  My husband and I do not have children, so she is our baby – I can’t imagine home without her. Dogs are just the best. πŸ™‚

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    Thank you all! We are definitely the lucky ones to have found her. And she has the sad “puppy dog” face down to a science – my husband and I call it puppy-doggin. She knows if she gives us that look she’ll get an extra treat, or hug or cuddle. Dogs play us so well! πŸ™‚

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    I love that face!! What a sweetie! I totally understand…I couldn’t get my Grayson’s face out of my mind once I found him online. Once they have your heart it’s all over! πŸ˜‰

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