Comfy Spot

If I had to pick my comfy spot, this is the corner of the house that I would go to. This is a little space that we gained by ripping out the ceiling and extended it to the roofline. It is tucked up on top of the stairs overlooking the living room, with my husbands office the only real room up here. 

This is where I like to read my Bible in the mornings, and get refreshed for the day. I try to keep this spot “special” for that, but oftentimes about 15 stuffed animals and two kids are crammed in my lap and on the adjacent chair, and I like it that way! 😉 

This pillow cam from my sister in law from her mission time in India, and the tea set was carved in the Dominican Republic and reminds me of the three summers I spent there with SCORE International. I always rest my coffee cup on that corner, and like to look at the family wedding pictures, as we all live far apart now. 

This is the #comfyspot, and that box tucked on the window is ant killer to try and rescue us from the ant infestation the upstairs has been experiencing! Apparently it is their comfy spot too! hahaha 😉 

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    Hi Crystal! What a nice little cozy spot! It’s nice that you have things around you, that bring you Happy Memories. The perfect place for morning coffee or just a quiet moment to relax!

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