Bogey & Camelot’s House

Camelot & Bogey

It’s really their house. We just live there. Camelot is our 10 yr-old Lhasa Apso. He’s a typical Lhasa – proud, smart, sweet and an excellent alert dog (his bark is much louder than you’d expect for a little dog!). Bogey is the new addition to the family – a slight smaller, and younger, Shih Tzu, he is a ball of fluffy energy. They both have their issues – Cam had horrible separation anxiety and in his reign of terror, ate 8 sets of blinds, two door frames and one window sill. Bogey is cute as a button, but gets threatened easily and can bite (we’re working on it!). Favorite spots in the house are either our bed, or keeping an eye on the backyard for everything from scary neighbors to birds and squirrels. 

Bogey’s sleeping preference is in our bed, between our heads, or sharing our pillow, but both he and Camelot manage to take up as much room in our king size bed as possible. 

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