Happy Sunday!

Sunday is the only breakfast in our house that is not rushed, I work full time as a teaching assistant and my hubby works full time as a machine setter and my children are in full time school so weekend breakfast in our house is so important to our family. We try to eat together at all meals if possible to regroup and communicate and enjoy each other’s company. Have a great Sunday everyone! 

Amanda xoxo

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    I so agree. Actually having first cup of coffee while reading this. Sunday for me also is time to re-energize before I start the week.

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    As today is Mother’s Day, my daughter came over to make me a lovely breakfast of sour cream pancakes, sausage, fruit cup and hash browns! Oh mustn’t forget the cup of coffee that I lingered over. Love Sunday mornings….

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    Your breakfast looks delicious! I am so glad to see that some families are still taking the time out to sit and connect over a nice home cooked meal. Time is so precious that we often over look the most important part of our lives… our families and loved ones. I love this little tradition of Sunday morning breakfast. 🙂

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