“Make It Pretty” and Functional:  The Modest Sunroom

Finally my small sunroom is beautifized and functionalized. It is in use so I do not over-decorate.

*pillows: thrift store; the tag says Bombay Company

*painting; the original tag still says 1990 JC Penney $190 but thrif-store price was $15 and further reduced to $3; the frame was oak wood and I painted white with some wall paint on hand

*on the left of the photo you can see my freezer

*plate on the wall shelf: Goodwill store $1.99


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    Nila, I am glad you like my small sunroom. Most of the colors are rather pastel, butI do love red and white gingham. Finally my sunroom seesthe light of day. Before it was just an unintentional storage room.

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    Hanh, you know by now I love your unique style. I particularly like your collection of vases you’ve placed in your sunroom. The mint green ones with appliqued flowers are dynamo!

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      Thank you for visiting Jennifer. Your sunroom really inspired me to just clean up and make a room usable. Presently I have a penchant for pastel hues; I have kept most of what you see in the room pastel except for some punches of colors.

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      Thank you Nancy. Here we have thrift stores that tend to sell really nice things; a lot of times you find real vintage items for so cheap. You know my style: light and airy with bold colors. Where I live it’s not call the “sunshine state” for nothing. We don’t really have distinct winter or fall, just some spring and really just summer: hot and humid.

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      Thank you Misty for noticing. the pennants were from the thrift store, too, for half a dollar. Quite a few of my decor pieces came from the thrift stores. We have a few really good ones here that sell practically new things.

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    Hi Hanh! Your Sun Porch is definitely Pretty & Cheerful!! I adore that shelf you have decorated! Especially, your pennant garland and the hanging lanterns on either side! I love it! 🙂

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      Thank you for your compliment, Maria. I put up the shelf myself with some brackets and two picket fence slats cut to size. I have had this house since 2004 and this is the first time I have my sunsoom to my liking. Now I am happy to have my coffee out there and look at the view of my wild backyard instead of all the things that were in the sunroom before. Until now it was a storage room.

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    Hanh, I love your style! Your sunroom turned out beautiful and cheery! Last night as I was looking for a recipe in one of my books, a newspaper clipping caught my attention. The picture I had clipped immediately reminded me of you! It was from 1998. The title reads, “Accessories can make a plain table blossom.” The picture included bright florals, gingham and pastels. It was if you had set the table!

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      Oh, thank you Debra. Your comment is so sweet and made me cheery, too. My style is definitely not stuffy or formal. I like eclectic and happy colors, which are bright and bold to me. Here in FL we get a lot of heat, sun, and humidity, so my decor reflects the aura of light and airy. I declutter my house quite often. In this weather it is does not cheer me up to see my house cluttered with things! I love gingham.

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