My typical weekday breakfast 

Now I know this is not particularly fancy or creative but I’m lucky if I have time to sit for this on my work mornings. Sometimes it’s out the door with a Baggie of dry Cheerios and a banana in hand. I really loooove blueberries so they do typically show up in my Cheerios bowl.  By the way that’s my favorite scratched up , chipped bowl. I must be getting “”set in my ways”  as they say. Lastly my cereal and fruit is topped off with some lactaid milk. That’s all I’m gonna say about that lol   After today though, I might be changing it up with ricotta /jam toast as suggested by my neighbor! #whatsforbreakfast

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    I hear you Barb! I’ve been trying to at least set down and eat my cereal in the morning. I always have kashi cereal, blueberries, milk and egg whites. Nothing fancy that’s why I didn’t do a post. 😉 I may have to try some banana’s though, that looks delicious!

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    That looks yummy to me. I like traditional breakfasts but I also will eat leftovers as well. Last year I worked with international students and learned that some of their cultures don’t have the concept of breakfast foods. They eat the same foods for breakfast ,lunch and dinner!
    I must admit that once in a while I really enjoy “breakfast for supper” nights. How about you? 🙂

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    I had to laugh when I saw your post! I am not a breakfast person at all. Your humble breakfast made me feel a little better! For most of my life, I have eaten a piece of fruit for breakfast. Most mornings I have a banana. In the spring and summer, I cut the banana peel into little pieces and throw them around the base of my rose bushes! The peel supplies beneficial mineral elements for a healthy plant. So I guess I share breakfast with the roses!

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      I always share my banana with my dog! I toss her a piece, which usually hits her in the forehead, silly dog, and then I eat the rest! Never did anything with the peel so I will give that to my plants now!

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    My, little daughter, Jade, just read your story and she loves your bowl of cereal! My children eat their breakfast more like you. I am not really a morning person so I just go straight for meat and vegetable. But the point is whatever you eat, you can enjoy the food and the place/view you eat it in.

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