My typical weekday breakfast 

Now I know this is not particularly fancy or creative but I’m lucky if I have time to sit for this on my work mornings. Sometimes it’s out the door with a Baggie of dry Cheerios and a banana in hand. I really loooove blueberries so they do typically show up in my Cheerios bowl.  By the way that’s my favorite scratched up , chipped bowl. I must be getting “”set in my ways”  as they say. Lastly my cereal and fruit is topped off with some lactaid milk. That’s all I’m gonna say about that lol   After today though, I might be changing it up with ricotta /jam toast as suggested by my neighbor! #whatsforbreakfast

What’s Inside This Breakfast Special?

Whether it is breakfast or brunch this Mediterranean Pie recipe is a family favourite. Years ago I was attending a potluck at my school. As I was new to the school that year and teaching Family Studies, I decided to try this recipe. It turned out so beautiful and so delicious that I made a good impression on my new staff. I should also say it was really easy so I made it again for my family. It was an immediate hit and became one of my most requested dishes at family get-togethers. Eventually my kids began making it for their entertaining and at Easter, my daughter-in-law made this beauty. It is a beautiful combination of layers of ham,red pepper,cheese, spinach,eggs, and puff pastry! #whatsforbreakfast 

What’s For Breakfast

Hello! I’m here for the block party! Woo! But first can I just say, I am loving Home Love Stories. It has been so fun to see you all posting stories and getting to know each other. And getting a glimpse into each of your homes is so cool 🙂 I think my favorite part so far has been the ‘Help a Sister Out’ category. Sometimes you just need a second opinion! And I think this is the sweetest little community to ask.

Anyway 🙂 This is what was for breakfast yesterday. I made a smoothie bowl with fruit, my sister’s homemade granola, almonds and coconut. I’m thinking I might need to make that my summer go-to breakfast!


And there was also coffee of course! This is an older picture of the coffee station in the townhouse I rent from my sister and brother-in-law. We’ve changed up this coffee station a bit since this picture was taken. We have just a few more steps to go and then we’ll be sharing it on The Inspired Room!


But let’s be honest, if I could have one thing for breakfast every morning it would actually be this picture above.


The Fat Hen is the cutest little restaurant in Seattle, and it happens to have THEE BEST eggs benedict I’ve ever eaten. If you ever get the chance to go here, I beg of you to get the pancetta eggs benedict and add avocado. Truly, I beg.


Sadly that’s not what’s for breakfast today. But maybe next weekend 🙂 And in my dreams. Ha.


Me and My Coffee Station

Good Morning around the world! I’m not a big breakfast person, but I kind of have a morning ritual during the work week. I know today is Sunday, but my husband woke up early this morning and took my son and his friend fishing! A Beautiful sunny morning here in Southern New Jersey! Yes, this is where I was born and raised. Anyway, I am fortunate to work my business from home. When I first wake up, I make a cup of tea and check out what’s new on “The Inspired Room” (Literally!). But lately, It’s been Home Love Stories” too! Yay! I may sit for about a half an hour until I start feeling more awake. Then after getting ready for the day and doing some of my morning chores, I will make a small pot of coffee and this is #whatsforbreakfast this morning, Biscotti! Other days, I usually make oatmeal on the stove, toast a bagel or make toast. And I usually eat my breakfast either standing in the kitchen by the sink while I empty the dishwasher or go downstairs to my home office to organize my work for the day.

Can you tell I like Pottery Barn! My dinner dishes are large enough to use as a “Lazy Susan”. They are so big, I can’t even store them in my kitchen cabinets. I actually store them is a small end table cabinet in the living room. Really! (That’s another space that I will be sharing with you soon). Anyway, the cream colored sugar bowl and creamer and the braided charger are also from Pottery Barn. 

I also love my glass jar that I use to store my tea bags. I bought this years ago at a yard sale from my older next door neighbors who have since past on. They were Great Neighbors! 

Thank you for stopping by!