Me and My Coffee Station

Good Morning around the world! I’m not a big breakfast person, but I kind of have a morning ritual during the work week. I know today is Sunday, but my husband woke up early this morning and took my son and his friend fishing! A Beautiful sunny morning here in Southern New Jersey! Yes, this is where I was born and raised. Anyway, I am fortunate to work my business from home. When I first wake up, I make a cup of tea and check out what’s new on “The Inspired Room” (Literally!). But lately, It’s been Home Love Stories” too! Yay! I may sit for about a half an hour until I start feeling more awake. Then after getting ready for the day and doing some of my morning chores, I will make a small pot of coffee and this is #whatsforbreakfast this morning, Biscotti! Other days, I usually make oatmeal on the stove, toast a bagel or make toast. And I usually eat my breakfast either standing in the kitchen by the sink while I empty the dishwasher or go downstairs to my home office to organize my work for the day.

Can you tell I like Pottery Barn! My dinner dishes are large enough to use as a “Lazy Susan”. They are so big, I can’t even store them in my kitchen cabinets. I actually store them is a small end table cabinet in the living room. Really! (That’s another space that I will be sharing with you soon). Anyway, the cream colored sugar bowl and creamer and the braided charger are also from Pottery Barn. 

I also love my glass jar that I use to store my tea bags. I bought this years ago at a yard sale from my older next door neighbors who have since past on. They were Great Neighbors! 

Thank you for stopping by!

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    I’ll take mine black, no sugar or cream, please. That’ll taste great on the tip of the chocolate-covered biscotti. Yum! I love the color of your plates, Maria, matched very well with the chirpy little bird. I think old cut glass containers are perfect for so many clever uses. And, I wish I could get my rosemary to grow as well as yours.

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    That sounds good Jennifer . . . I wish we really could have coffee together! You seem to have such an interesting life that I would love to hear more about! Actually, my daughter Megan loves big mugs for her hot tea. She thought of me when she was buying herself ANOTHER mug. I seem to be running out of cabinet space with her mug collection! Now if I can only get the right amount of cream and sugar for my coffee when using this mug. It’s become a challenge! I don’t use it everyday, but just when I want a little change in my morning routine. Thank you for stopping by! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your posts!

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      Thanks, Maria. As is often said, “It’s sometimes greener on the other side”. My “interesting life” from moving around so much has come with trade-offs. You’re probably surrounded by very strong friend and family relationships that you’ve strengthened through the years by being near. I now live very near where my husband was born and bred–less than fifteen minutes from his parents and sister’s family. I haven’t experienced that since I left home at 18. I have a 16 year-old niece who I only get to see grow into a beautiful young lady via Fb photos. Trips across the Atlantic are way too few and far in between! I spent a 20+ year career in a very male-dominated environment, so I’ve really forgotten what it’s like to enjoy simple girlfriend chats over a cup of coffee! This forum is a treat for me to share like-minded stories and interests, even if it’s only via a virtual cup of coffee! 🙂

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        Hi again Jennifer! Well, I’m really glad your here on “Home Love Stories” and making new friends! I love that we are all sharing some of the same interests together! 🙂

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    See, these are the moments when I wished I drank coffee. All the little accessories and ingredients make such a pleasing display – your arrangement is darling. A glass of orange juice just does not have the same pizzazz.

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    Your mornings sound amazing! Lately I’ve been down in the dumps and dreading waking at another morning at 4am & rushing out the door to work. My day always starts fast pace and working with critical patients.. I am physially Burnt Out!
    I need to learn to some how take a moment like you do to relax and start my day out right.

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      Hi Nila, Wow, you get up as early as my husband does some days! Now I feel bad for mentioning my morning routine . . . I would be physically burned out too. Don’t get me wrong, once my day gets started, I’m on the go! I’m in and out of my house with my work and everything and I don’t sit down until the dishes are cleaned up from dinner and then some. If I had to get up that early every morning and have such a demanding job, I would sometimes feel down too. 🙁 Are you a Doctor or a Nurse? It sounds like you are in the medical field. I hope that on your days off, you can get some “me time” 🙂

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    Hello Maria, your morning routine sounds a lot like mine. I love lots of sugar and whole milk in my coffee though. I love your coffee station and want to do one similar to yours, but I can’t put the electric water heater any lower than the kitchen counter because my 2.5 year old son can reach and climb. Yes, I noticed you like Pottery Barn. It’s not so cold here in FL so often I just have my coffe in my small sunroom and then go back and do the dishes by hand because presently we don’t have a dish washer. I am not a morning person at all, so I just eat plain oatmeal with hot water in it. My appetite will only come a couple or 3 hourse after I wake up in the morning.

    I like your cutting board and all the china, too. simple but elegantly rustic.

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      Hi Hanh! I think with all the creativity that you have shown us, you can still think of something unique for a small coffee station. Then bring your electric water heater down when want you use it. 🙂

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    I LOVE IT! Wouldn’t it be fun to all get together for coffee? 🙂 Thanks for sharing your sweet little station for coffee and tea, it is the next best thing to coming over for breakfast :)!

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    Thank you Melissa! Yes! That would be great if we really could! My little coffee station serves it’s purpose well. I have 2 young adult children (Son and Daughter) and our schedules are all different, so it always seems to get used. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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