The spare room

You would hardly belive that this was full of junk until I got my act together and had a major chuck out. Why do we keep so much ‘stuff’? I think most of the stuff in there hadn’t been needed in years. A lot of the junk went to the local charity shop and a lot went to the recycling centre. I could barely move for craft stuff and as soon as I created a proper crafting space it released this room to use as a pretty little guest room for when my friends daughter stays over. Her mum and dad use Alexander’s bedroom while he is away at Uni and Claudia gets her own room when they visit. The lovely wooden chest used to live at the bottom of my bed and I knocked my leg on it every time I went past. Now it holds spare bedding and my Christmas linens and cushion covers. I made the patchwork quilt for the bed and am planning on making some curtains using one of the fabrics in the patchwork

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    Thanks so much for posting! You have really inspired me to start cleaning out my basement! We moved to a home half the size of our last home and I have a basement FULL of household items. Most of them I collected during my travels. I am also guilty of keeping “skinny clothes” ya know.. the ones you think if you hold onto maybe, just maybe you will one day get back into them!
    I think after reading this, it is time to let go and clear out the space! Btw, you have great lighting in that guest room!

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    So pleasing to have such a neat, orderly and comfortable place for guests. I love the soft pink, yellow and blue combination, and I applaud your hard work!

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