Meet Alice

Meet our sweet puppy, Alice.  I was taking pictures for a blog post today and she decided she needed to be a part of the action.  When I tried to get her to move out of the shot she ”hid” under the coffee table.  ðŸ™‚

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    Oh Alice you are sooo cute! I wish you were my real neighbor as tonight I’m making 8 gourmet applewood smoked grass fed femur bones for the fur kids. I would love to walk one over to you next door X cutie pie

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    Alice is adorable!!! She just wanted her picture taken. Cooper does that all the time to me. I usually just leave him now, he’s such a goofball! Those sad little eyes though….she needs a treat! 😉 Thanks for sharing her!

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    Baby. I love how our dogs all notice when we have our cameras out, and seek to be part of the action. They know what’s important in life.

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