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I spend a lot of time here, boy howdy! The chair isn‘t built for long sits, but it is so pretty I can‘t change it out! The seat fabric is sort of towel like, and putty gray. The glitter art, I made, and it makes Me, —so happy! The pen station on the right is a toothbrush (Walmart?) holder, I knew I‘d immediately ‘re-purpose‘ upon purchase. It brings a masculine sleek to the arrangement (chalk that up to Mad Men). My daisy frame on left is one of these dollar store gifts your kids give you, and it holds a maternal grandparent‘s dating years pic. The lady statuette was a junk store find I used to inspire when I went back to college a few years back. She seems classy and smart, no? I love the lightness of the lamp, being glass based it does not thicken up my desktop, but keeps it feeling spacious. The flowers are fake (not my favorite thing to do) but as they can remain always present, and cheery, it‘s been a fine trade off. As much as I enjoy other peoples walls full of framed do-dads, it makes me feel crowded and, I don‘t know, less delighted than expected? There is glossy white crown molding just out of shot that is perfectly enough. Also I have one or two rotating pieces of framed art at my left that give low-bulbed mental action. One of the hanging screen necklace says “There is no better time than now.”

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    Sharon, I really like your little statuette. I’ve always wanted to incorporate something like that into my decor, but I’ve not yet found one that speaks to me. She’s beckoning!

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