A lovely afternoon for papercrafting

I have just spent the past hour in my workshop finishing off this little challenge piece. The theme is ‘daffodils and tulips. We can choose either flower or both and I thought the beautiful poem by William Wordsworth fitted the theme nicely. I decoupaged a paper napkin onto one of the pieces of tile that I was given recently. The daffodils are cut using my spellbinders die and the brilliant bigshot machine .

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    Cherie, you’re so Kirstie Allsopp-ish! I get a couple of BBC channels here in Belgium, and I try to catch all her series. I’ve begun dabbling a little bit with arts and crafts, primarily with glass. By the way, this Wadsworth’s poem was my mother’s favorite and to this day I can still recite it. Thanks for the memory!

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    It’s beautiful great job! We just celebrated a daffodil festival here in town, nothing quite says Spring like daffodils do! 🙂 love all your posts

  3. 6

    Just looking at your beautiful creation, I can imagine not only the thought and effort you poured into making it, but also the satisfaction and happy glow you must be feeling afterwards. Nothing beats making something pretty.

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